#milemadness week 1 scores published, and a contest discussion

In this morning’s post, “#milemadness week 1” I gave an overview of the first week of the #milemadness manufactured spend tournament.  Now, I can reveal the week 1 scores….

To see the current scores, please click here: #milemadness 2014 Scoreboard


Readers of my earlier post complained that it was boring.  Everything of interest was kept secret. I agree.  I’ll do my best going forward to uncover the nuggets that can be shared without killing the deals.  For now, you’ll find a few little hints in the notes following the scoreboard.  Or, you may be able to find what you need by reviewing old posts.  Its not all about the secrets, though.  TV shows like Top Chef are interesting even though they rarely show the details of how their wonderful meals are prepared.  Many of the contestants here, in their own blogs, have told interesting stories about their experiences so far.  I clearly need to do a better job at bringing those stories forward!

What do you think?  How can we make this tournament more interesting to our readers?  Please comment below.


Image borrowed from Saverocity

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Photos of the cards…….I am embarassed to say that when I started buying Vanilla cards I bought the wrong one and didn’t understand the right one until YOUR BLOG SHOWED A PHOTO………for some nubes photos are da bomb!

Jon L

I agree, it is kind of boring reading about daily trips to CVS then Walmart, rinse and repeat. During last year’s Million Mile Madness, it seemed crazy, epic, and unique. Not to criticize by any stretch, but this lacks the excitement from that. Perhaps you can throw in a “mystery ingredient”, like no CVS or Walmart weeks 3 and 4? Change the rules Hunger Games style!


Also think you should be showing us what kind of points they earned……UR vs Hyatt vs MM vs Starwood vs Barclay’s……….revealing that is not going to reveal the ultimate secret but it will make it a lot more interesting……..$1383.90 just isn’t sexy!


Last year the contest was interesting because you set an extremely challenging / lofty goal that was borderline unattainable. This year it seems to be more about MS measurement, but let’s face it, whoever “wins” will still have a relatively small unit in the MS world, so who cares? To make it “interesting” there is an incentive to publicize fragile stuff that hasn’t been talked about much. But if it’s fragile then why blog it now? To win a contest? To promote one’s blog? Sigh. I didn’t understand the point of this contest from the start and I still don’t.


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I’m definitely +1 for more transparency. Do you guys remember back in the day when they used to air pro poker games without showing the hole cards? It was like watching paint drying.



While it is interesting to see the financial impact and net value of MSing in $ terms, most MSers are not doing it to make money but to earn miles / points, so I heartily second the idea of including a tally of how many points / miles each contestant earned by currency.



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