$20 off $300 Visa or MasterCard gift cards at OfficeMax

Valid through Saturday 11/29/2014:

Today Only (11/28/2014):

Buy $300 or more in Visa or MasterCard gift cards and get $20 off. This deal is at OfficeMax, not Office Depot.


Hat Tip: Delta Points

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14 Comments on "$20 off $300 Visa or MasterCard gift cards at OfficeMax"

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Offer is valid until tomorrow

Mona c

Do they sell $200 gc’s like staples?
I’m thinking of doing this

Buy 2x $200 gc plus $12 fees = $412
Split pay using 8 amex cards
Get $80 in statement credits

Larry Ordway

Didn’t work at my local Office Depot/Office Max. Must be an Office Max only.


Office Max in central VA the sign says the sale is through tomorrow. Also sign says there is a limit of two discounts per person, but the scan sheet they had said a limit of only 1 and would not scan a second time when I purchased $600. They were able to do some manual adjustments to honor the sign, however.


Is this for office Depot too?


My Office Depot had no clue……they didn’t even have Mastercard gift cards so for the Bay Area I think it is safe to say Office Max only and I’m not inspired to cross a bridge and pay a $6 toll plus gas and time to save $20. YMMV


I had the same experience (in Surprise, AZ) as Seth. Sign said 2 discounts per person. I tried to get 3x$200, but the scan sheet (a) said 1 discount per person, and (b) wouldn’t scan twice on a single purchase. The manager agreed to split the purchase, but I had to get 2x$100 and 2x$200 instead. Note that since there’s a roughly $6/card fee, this cuts pretty dramatically into your savings. Furthermore, it was such a pain that the manager declared the deal was over after me (I think she took the sign down!)


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Not available at DFW OD and OM, I tried both.


thanks for the heads up. 24k free points+$72 free. yay


Office Max #1 near me (south FL) no longer accepts CC for any GC’s. OM #2 accepted a CC (with a manager’s approval), but no split tender allowed. The discount had to be entered manually. On balance I’ll count it as a small success, but will be very apprehensive about their future promos.


At OM at Kahului no clue, unable to find the promotion anywhere. I called CS to see if they coul email me the promotion or update the manager at the store and the two reps were clueless understanding the situation and incapable of figuring out anything that is not their normal routinary type of call about orders.


No signs for this at office max in Chicago. Bought 2 $200 GC’S and didn’t come up. Asked about it and they said it was over yesterday. YMMV always


damn…how did I miss this? This is what happens when you don’t read feedly for a few days!