eBay gift cards 10% off!

Hurry, this won’t last long!

$50 eBay gift cards are available for $45 here.


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In for the max of 3. Thanks!


your RSS has been messed up for a week. Please fix!!


I bought 3 ebay cards at 10% off. My email arrived showing I spent $135 yet it shows the value of the card as $50. How do I check the value of the card? I’ve spent an hour now trying to find a link to do so. All the methods I see require that the card be partially used in order to be seen on the Paypal website. I can’t find a way to add the money to Paypal nor can I find a way to check the balance elsewhere. What am I missing?


As of 2014-12-01 1:08pm US Pacific standard time, “This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.”


Did others who bought 3 cards receive codes for each of the 3? I’ve now confirmed with eBay that my husband and I each only received 1 of 3. They have told me to call

Cardways, the vendor for the cards

And I’ve yet to figure out how to confirm the amount loaded on the card other than making a purchase on eBay with it.


I received all 3 but it took a couple of days. When I first tried to view the codes it said PayPal was reviewing all orders and to wait 24-48 hours. On Monday they were available to me.