Get 12.5% Off Gas – Chevron & Texaco Gift Cards on Sale

SVM Gift Cards via eBay is offering a $10 promotional gift card when you purchase a $100 Chevron & Texaco card. This equates to a roughly 9% discount.

Chevron Texaco Gift Card Sale

You can save additional money by receiving a 2% rebate via eBay Bucks and shopping through a portal.

Currently both BeFrugal and Top Cashback have the highest portal payouts for eBay purchases at 1.5% Update: Ebates is offering 2% back for purchases in the gift card category.

If you don’t already have a TopCashBack or BeFrugal account, you can find a sign up link for either service and many other cool things here.

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Ebates pays 2% on giftcards


Does it mean if I purchase three $100 cards, I’ll get $30 back?


@Nik – yes. you will get one $10 promo card per $100 Chev/Texaco gc.

I did this promo last month. What isn’t disclosed completely is that the “promo” card isn’t a ChevTexaco gc. I found that I had to go inside and pay and could only use one $10 promo card per fillup. Just wasn’t worth the hassle and I am not doing it again.


@Paul I did the deal last month, too. The promo card had an expiration date but I was able to use it at a Chevron pump.


Since you have to pay with PayPal, is there a way to earn miles/points with this method?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes, even when you pay with Paypal, you can use your credit card from the Paypal payment interface


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Understood that you cannot resell the promotional gift card, but is the regular Chevron/Texaco gift card resalable? The gift card sites only seem to indicate Chevron cards…