Food Lion Visa/MC/Amex GC Deal – Get $10 on Your Next Shopping Trip with $100 Purchase

food lion gift card deal

East Coast grocery chain Food Lion is offering a $10 coupon to use on your next visit when you purchase $100 in Visa, Mastercard or American Express gift cards through 5/12/15. There is a limit of one offer per transaction.

Based on the terms which can be found in their weekly ad, all Visa/MC/Amex gift cards should work including variable load cards. One reader has also confirmed a variable load Visa triggered the coupon.

A good use of this deal would be to buy variable load Visa gift cards with a credit card that has a grocery category bonus. Normally those cards cost $5.95, leaving a $4.05 profit plus any rewards earned.

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11 Comments on "Food Lion Visa/MC/Amex GC Deal – Get $10 on Your Next Shopping Trip with $100 Purchase"

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Variable load visas will require manager override and most food lions only allow cash for those now. YMMV. $200 visas still work without override though.

Philip Hall

Yeah the override is a real PIA. Also the coupon itself needed an override on my first shot. This one may be more hassle than it’s worth. Coupon says limit of one per transaction – is this being enforced?


Quitchurbitchin. In VA the ad isn’t running and the purchase did not get me a coupon/rebate. (unless of course I’m missing something????)


I went to my local store today in MD and the sign about the $10 coupon was up at the gift card center but nothing printed at the register. I went to Customer Service and they gave me a $10 gift card so all is well!


I bought a variable load $500 in Richmond VA on Saturday and got the $10 coupon.


Load the visa gift card with under $500, and usually no manage override is needed.


Override is only needed for $500.01 and greater. Loading the variable with $494.05 will avoid an override.

@Phillip The way around one per transaction when redeeming, if it’s enforced, is simple: ring up all your items $10 at a time (or as close as you can) and do multiple transactions. The coupon says one per transaction, not one per person or one per visit.


[…] Food Lion Visa/MC/Amex GC Deal – Get $10 on Your Next Shopping Trip with $100 Purchase […]


Note that the coupon comes out about 30-60 seconds after the receipt, so you have to stand there until it comes out. On my third coupon in VA.


Had to get a manager override on a $475 Visa gift card yesterday. Total was just over $480. Was a pain but still worth it to get to my min spend.