$75 Staples eGift Card for $60 & More eBay Gift Card Deals

ebay staples gift card may 2015

eBay continues to impress with gift cards deals. Right now GiftCardMall via eBay is offering $75 Staples eGift cards for $60 with a limit of 3 per user id. In the past purchases from this merchant have earned 5X points with Chase Ink cards and you can save an additional 4% by starting through the Ebates portal.

If you don’t already have an Ebates account, you can find a sign up link for either service and many other cool things here.

More Discounted Cards

Many of the discounted gift cards I mentioned the other day can still be purchased. All of the following cards are still available, but keep in mind these are the same listings from the other day and the limits have not reset if you already purchased them:

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Please don’t hate me as this has been asked a million times but I promise to pass on the knowledge to future noobs 🙂

Can these be used to purchase regular retail gift cards, such as shell, chipotle etc. gift cards at staples?


Thank you so much for asking. I was wondering the exact same thing!


Gift card mall is still having that problem whereby many purchases through PayPal put on credit cards are showing up as cash advances on people’s credit cards. Gift card mall will not reimburse for those charges and PayPal will only say they are investigating. It’s a big mess. It happened with ebay and sears gift cards. I wouldn’t take the chance until it gets fixed. Problem clearly with Paypal and not the merchant. sD and FW filled with negative posts. I was charged cash Avance fees and interest as well and despie numerous calls to all involved have not gotten my charges reversed.


A fix for that might be to buy eBay gift cards. Does anybody have good info on how not to get mc999 letter when buying cards with spouse account. It says per user and I got that letter even though we are different people that I was circumventing the system.


Hey Shawn!
Any chance Sears might let you pay your Sears CC with a Sears gift card?


Well your blog post says incorrectly staples GC sold by gift card mall


Dear Shawn,

I was not able to purchase this offer and do not know why. I just created paypal account last night and added in Amex cc to buy but did not work through ebates to ebay. Then I tried aa cc to buy and it did not work either. I tried both this morning and they did not work. Did I do anything wrong? Thanks!