Staples $20 Rebate with the Purchase of $300 in Amex Gift Cards

staples amex gift card deal june 2015

Starting this Sunday, Staples is running another negative cost gift card deal. This time they are offering a $20 Staples gift card with the purchase of $300 or more in American Express gift cards.

The Deal

From 6/7/15 to 6/13/15 you can receive a $20 Staples gift card via Easy Rebate with the purchase of $300 or more in American Express gift cards.

Generally with these deals it is best to use a Chase Ink card to earn 5X Ultimate Rewards points or an Amex SimplyCash card to earn 5% cash back at Staples.

Key Terms

  • Limit 1 per household
  • Available in-store only

For more info and ways to liquidate, see: The complete guide to Amex gift cards

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Can these be used to pay an Amex bill?


What is the best way to liquidate these cards?

Will S

try reading the post a little closer next time. See fm link, “ways to liquidate” above. That said, I’m less than impressed by the apparent weak suggestions: (after we get the notes reminding us that Amex cards are significantly harder to liquidate than visa metabank varieties)

Q: How can I cash out these gift cards once I get them?
A: Here are some ideas:

Buy stuff you would buy anyway.
Buy Visa or MasterCard gift cards and then use the gift card PIN to cash out.
Make Kiva loans.
Buy merchant gift cards through online portals in order to earn extra points or cash back.
Pay federal taxes. You will incur a 1.89% fee, but that can be partially or wholly offset by cash back earned when buying Amex gift cards.


Can i use AMEX gift card to load the Bluebird? Did anybody say last week that Staple no longer allows using credit card to buy visa gift cad ? Will this apply to AMEX deal as well?


I was able to purchase visa GCs with a credit card 3 times during the promotion last week for a total of $1800 worth of GCs.

Will S

From the fm info link, “ways to liquidate,” provided in the post:

Q: Can I use these gift cards to load Bluebird at Walmart?
A: No. Amex gift cards can be used as credit cards, but not as debit cards. You cannot setup a PIN. You cannot use them to load Bluebird, buy money orders, or pay bills at Walmart.


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Just a data point. I had a cashier who let me run two separate transactions to get two rebate forms last time this deal came around (that time it was for Vanillas.) I made two transactions of $400 worth of gift cards on two separate cards within a few minutes of each other. Submitted two separate easy rebates online from different names, households, everything, even did them from different IP addresses—there was theoretically no way Staples could know it was from the same person without checking the actual credit card info and matching up my name on both, but one was rejected for going over the household limit and the other is still pending. Has anyone ever been able to redeem more than one rebate for these?


@Tyler – I’d recommend doing Staples chat on the Rewards website. I’ve been doing these in multiples for a while, and I do see issues from time to time. It’s always (1 exception) been resolved by the CSR explaining that “I don’t know why I am getting this message.”


I have seen staples match the credit card with reward account. I once bought something in-store for which got a “Thank You” mail to my email id. Since I didnt use reward account during purchase they must have matched the credit card used for purchase with the card in online acct.

Its concerning they would do something like this, but in this day with big data processing power, nothing surprises me.


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