Amex Business Gift Cards 2.25% Back Today Only


TopCashBack is offering 2.25% cashback on the purchase of Business Amex gift for today only.

If you don’t already have a TopCashBack account, you can find a signup link and many other cool things here.


  • Do not use a promo code to reduce gift card fees or for free shipping since that will invalidate your cash back (the Premium Shipping Plan is fine, though).
  • Do not buy denominations higher than $2,000 (see:$2K denomination limit on Amex gift card cash back)


Please see the The Complete Guide to Amex Gift Cards.

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7 Comments on "Amex Business Gift Cards 2.25% Back Today Only"

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Damn, and I just ordered $6k a few days ago for the 2% offer.


I don’t understand why TCB doesn’t give advance notice like SBC does. This is the second month in a row that I’ve done my monthly orders thru SBC at 2% and then a week later, TCB is at 2.25%. I guess next month I’ll take my chances and wait for TCB.


My last 2 orders using TCB , even though were with an offer for 2.25%, they just gave me 1.5%. I already open a claim but….Who knows if they will pay or not. I will wait to see if TCB get their act together before using it again.


@LUCHEX – Did you buy regular AGCs or business AGCs?


I always hav bought Business AGC, for years. I just sent again a message to TCB to see why is it that I am having this problem. I only read of only one other person who had the same and he said it took loooooong but they corrected it. Mine has been about 3 weeks since I submited the claim.


So I had a hiccup in ordering 2-2k gift cards.
I received notification that my order was denied because I had not properly stated my name on the order form. I forgot to type in my middle initial. Capital One says the order was approved and AmEx says that the order will be refunded in 3 days. Is there anyway to get this order pushed through with still getting my TopCashback?

As of now I have a link from Amex allowing me to resubmit my order. Should I go ahead and do that? Will that fault my order with TopCashback?


I forgot to add, I had also purchased the premium shipping plan with the purchase of 2k in gift cards. After that purchase I went and bought 2-$200 gift cards with my AmEx cards for the $10 Amex Offer and wasn’t charged shipping. I’m wondering if AmEx will cancel my premium shipping membership…….