$200 Visas Return to Staples.com Without the Limit of 3

staples 200 visa

$200 Visa gift cards disappeared from Staples.com last week following a deal where they were discounted by $10. After that deal, the remaining denominations ($25, $50, $100) had a new limit of 3 imposed on them.

Fortunately the $200 Visa cards have returned to the Staples website today and the limit of 3 is nowhere to be seen. (Although the limit remains on the lower denomination cards.) Since Staples doesn’t allow gift card purchases of more than $2,000 in one transaction, you can purchase up to 9 cards at once.

These $200 Visa gift cards which cost $206.95, are popular for people who use the Chase Ink card, since their purchase earns 5X Ultimate Rewards points. One card generates 1,035 points at a cost of $.0067 per point.

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Why buy online when you can buy them in-store for a dollar less? Is staples paying cashback sites again on these GCs?

Will S

They still charge the 6.95 fee in store….

In my area, the store shelves emptied within a day of word going round that the web site seemed not to be carrying them…. The good news here is that they’ve returned — hopefully to both venues.


If you buy the Visa biz card at the mall with SPG you will essentially be buying at $0.00316 per point with much more flexibility than UR!


Can you please eloborate more on this?

Will S

Great news Shawn, thanks for being the bearer of good news. 🙂

Amid the uncertainty past few days, I had some “fun” exploring what appears to be a growing array of e-cards available via Staples. (some surprises too, including large denominations of boxbuilders, department stores, etc. giving me stacking ideas to test… ) For starters, presuming such Staples e-gc purchases will also be eligible for CUR points if using INK.


Does anyone know if egift cards are paying out through ultimate rewards portal?


My question & presumption too Andy. If not one else chimes in, I’ll test here this weekend on a small order and report back.

Paul Davis

If I use the ultimate miles shopping portal and purchase the gift cards there do I earn the extra 2 points? Can someone help me with the math?
SPG vs. Chase?
I don’t understand the calculation for the SPG points. Can you elaborate?


@John – the terms for the portals (I believe all of them) say that you won’t get credit for gift card purchases, but I have in the past in some cases. I wouldn’t count on it, but it’s possible that you will get them.

Matt K.

My Amex statement itemized Staple purchases very detailed. Down to what my gift cards value was and what the purchase fee was. Shows up right in the detail. Previously I’ve only used my Chase Ink at staples, but this was something I noticed during the Staples Amex offer as well as purchasing there with my new SimplyCash. So not sure if that’s new or its a Staples to Amex reporting thing. Anybody else see this as a recent change or know if its always been like that?


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