Kroger 4X Fuel Points on Gift Cards Returns – Stack with Digital Coupons

kroger 4x august 2015

Kroger & its subsidiary brands are offering 4X fuel rewards on select gift cards through 8/11/15.

While variable load cards are excluded, fixed value Visa & Mastercard gift cards along with a variety of merchant gift cards are normally eligible. (Confirm the terms in your local store.) Generally the highest fixed value cards Visa & Mastercard gift cards available come in $100 denominations for a $5.95 fee.

As I wrote about a few weeks ago, Kroger also has a number of digital coupons for instant discounts on cards for eBay, Gap and other merchants. Both the 4X fuel points and the discounts should stack.

Update: Tjp74 mentioned in the comments that his purchases have been earning 5X fuel points. According to Chuck from Doctor of Credit, fuel points are given based on the face value of the cards, so a $40 purchase of $50 worth of eBay gift cards earns 200 points.

HT: Ian @rotisp on Twitter

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So that was it. If you are buying GAP gift cards with 20% off, if the fuel point is calculated at the face value, say $100 instead of $80 after coupon, you get 4X, 400 points total or 5x of $80 you actually paid.


So even though the 4x is alive until 8/11, the digital coupon stackability is now dead, no? Seems like the ebay and Gap coupons expired 8/1 and I don’t see any others at this point. Would love to be wrong, though….


About 3 or 4 days ago when I got the eBay gift cards for 20% off, there was no 4X fuel points offer; but now when there is 4X fuel points, there is no gift card, eBay or GAP on sale.


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