Discover appears to have dropped their cash back portal. UPDATE: It’s back

Update 2:55 pm EST: The portal is already back

Not only has Discover recently announced a disappointing selection of 5% categories for the 4th quarter (“online shopping” isn’t there this year), but they seem to have erased their cash back portal as well.  This is what I see when I log into Discover Deals:

Discover drops portal

Notice that there isn’t a single store in which clicking through to shop results in a Cashback bonus?  In fact, they only have one cashback bonus at all and that one is limited to one time use only.  The rest of the deals are discounts.

It was obvious from the get-go that Discover’s Double Cash Back bonus was far too generous.  Did Discover wise up and make the drastic move of taking away their shopping portal?  Yesterday, only a few stores were missing (such as Sears).  At that time, one reader told me that when he logged in with one account, Sears cashback was available.  With another account it was not.  He guessed that they had removed Sears from the account that had already earned a large amount of cashback.

If you’re a Discover It cardmember, please log in to Discover Deals and let us know what you see.  Also, let us know whether or not you’re enrolled in the Double Cashback offer.  It’s theoretically possible that they’ve limited portal shopping only for those enrolled.  And, let us know if you’ve shopped heavily through the portal since enrolling in the Double Cashback offer.

My guess is that they’re simply doing some kind of system maintenance and that we’ll see portal cashback return for everyone.  That’s my hope anyway!

UPDATE: Discover has told Doctor of Credit that this is just an IT issue and that they are working on getting it working again:


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Andrew C

Discover said over Twitter to Dr of Credit that it was an IT issue… but I’m skeptical. Mine was gone, came back this afternoon, I made one (big) purchase, and it went away again.


My money is on a tech glitch affecting certain accounts only. That said:

My Discover account still shows the same (many) merchants and cash back options. Account has been opened for about a month with pretty aggressive CB use.


Not true for me at all. Ex: Still 10% at Sears, Penney’s, GNC, Sports Authority, Orbitz, Saks, etc.


[…] for the false alarm issued earlier (Discover appears to have dropped their cash back portal. Will it return?).  The portal is back, along with Sears 10% cashback and much […]

Brad Meyer

Guess we better start trying to figure out which department stores sell the visa gift cards…assuming we can still load them to Serve and Bluebird at this time.

Brad Meyer

But all seems to be working for me. I still have the deals there.


Mine is NOT working. And I have maxed out the $1500 in a short time. Reminds me of Diner’s Club. Maybe the executive who got fired at Diner’s went to work at Discover Deals?

Jan W

My best deals (department stores like Sears, JCP, Macys) are gone. I bought $850 of Sears GC earlier this week, then used them to purchase an $825 mattress. Guess they didn’t like to think of me getting that $420 back!


all gone (Sears, macys, sport authority)… damn it… I was looking to buy a mattress yesterday. #@$%

In this game, you snooze you loose.


well… let’s hope they are intending to fix this.