Kmart 12X Southwest points. 24X double dip possible.

Through September 16, the Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping portal is offering 12 points per dollar for shopping at Kmart.


On September 1, I ran a number of experiments to see if purchasing gift cards at Sears and Kmart still resulted in portal points despite the portal terms stating otherwiseI reported the experiments here.  It took two weeks to get results, but now I see points pending for all of my purchases except one.  I still have not earned points for the use of Shop Your Way Rewards points at Kmart (but the same experiment at Sears does show points pending).

Double dip

The key to double-dipping for 24X points is:

  1. Go through portal to Kmart to buy an e-gift card or reload an existing gift card.  Earn 12X points.
  2. Go through portal a second time to buy merchandise and pay with your gift card.  Earn 12X additional points.

Keep in mind that this is risky: portal terms clearly state “Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents.”  So, if anything goes wrong, portal support is unlikely to help you.  Also note that you will not qualify for credit card extended warranties or price protections when buying merchandise with gift cards.

See also: Complete guide to Sears gift cards

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25 Comments on "Kmart 12X Southwest points. 24X double dip possible."

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Thanks for this deal!
Do you think paying for a kmart egift card with another kmart gift card bought on ebay would work?


Can you use a Kmart GC to load a Kmart GC and still get points from the WN Portal?


Nevermind the above, didn’t see the above comment till I posted. So you must pay for the purchase with a CC for the portal points to work?


Does points count towards Companion Pass?


[…] today’s Frequent Miler quick deals post Southwest Rapid Rewards is now offering an extremely nice 12x points on Kmart through their […]


Does “excludes gift cards” mean you don’t earn points when buying gift cards or when purchasing with gift cards?

Mike B

When I log into my Southwest RR Shopping Portal a banner at the top says the 12x deal at KMART runs through September 16.


Can kmart gc be loaded to a sears gc or is it seperate?


Anybody getting this to work? When I try to buy egift cards I get temporarily unavailable?

Arielle Bianchimano

If I click through to Kmart, but purchase something labeled as sold at Sears, has that been tracking for the Kmart payout?


Also of note, this is really good if you happen to be shopping for a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, which they sell @ Sears but can be purchased from the Kmart site.

Double Dip on the Kmart deal from Southwest Rewards Shopping and buy a $500 gift card, then go back in and shop for the Galaxy Tab S2, (it is sold by Sears, but your purchase is confirmed by Kmart). The kicker comes in because Sears is offering $100 bonus Shop Your Way points on a Galaxy Tab S2. So you will get 12K RR points, $105 SYW credit, and whatever CC points for the GC purchase.


@John – How are you adding the $100 coupon? I can’t find it on or looking through their coupons or even searching them.


No coupon needed. You just go to the site and on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 they have the offer. Not sure if the link will work here, but will paste and see on the right under the SYW bonus, “Earn $105.00 in points”.

From my experience, I used the Southwest portal and shopped through Kmart for the bonus miles. When you do, you see the item and “Sold by Sears.” I purchased through Kmart site like that, but got the bonus that is only showing up on the Sears site. If you don’t want to chance it, you can use one of the portals with good deals @ Sears (Upromise has 7% right now).

Hope that helps.


Ok, I see the problem. You’re on the Sears website. This promotion is for the Kmart website only unless I’m missing something.


Can confirm that the double dip is tracking for points… 24,000 points are showing as being tracked on my southwest shopping account, half of which were from GC and half were from actual merch orders.

Rita S

How large of a gift card can you purchase and be reasonably certain it will process in a timely manner so you can do the double dip? I need to buy all new kitchen appliances, probably spending about 5K. So if I am lucky enough to see a 10X promo come up…