Staples gift card rebates may not be working properly

Yesterday, we posted a quick deal for a $15 rebate on $300 or more in Mastercard gift cards at Staples. This rebate was advertised in the Staples weekly ad online (on page 14), but readers are reporting that they are not receiving a rebate receipt. Additionally, some readers over at Doctor of Credit reported rebate submissions last week (for last week’s Visa Gift Card rebatethat were denied. At the moment, it seems that the rebate problems stem from the rebate offer missing the SKU information from the $200 and $100 gift cards. I would temporarily suggest holding off on this offer, but Doctor of Credit has posted a solution that appears to have worked for many readers having issues with last week’s promotion. We will continue to monitor solutions for this week’s rebate.

If your submission from last week’s Visa Gift Card rebate deal was rejected

In this post, Doctor of Credit has reported that some people have had success with last week’s Visa Gift Card Rebate issues by:

  1. First calling in and explain the situation
  2. Then, sending an e-mail with a photo of your receipt

One reader was provided the following e-mail address to use: Note that the Parago domain is owned by Blackhawk and several Doctor of Credit readers have confirmed that this has worked for them. If you tried it a few days ago, it seems that re-submitting may work.

If you are having issues with this week’s Mastercard rebate (no rebate receipt printed)

It seems that the problem this week is definitely related to which SKU numbers are included in the rebate. While a couple of people have had success with the store manager honoring the rebate on the spot in-store, another reader reported that the rebate receipt only printed when buying $50 denomination cards. This may require more communication with the Staples rebate processor to get this one sorted out or it is possible that Staples is only including $50 cards in the offer this week, though the advertisement does not specify that (the ad almost always shows a $50 card pictured, but the rebate has long applied to other denominations as well).

At this point, we suggest contacting the Staples Easy Rebate center and we will certainly post a new Quick Tip if more information about this rebate comes to light. We have updated the original Quick Deal post to reflect this information as well.

Bottom line

Staples rebates have generally been reliable and easy for a long time — they will likely get this one resolved. But in the mean time, I would definitely hold onto receipts and keep a screen shot / clipping of the weekly ad (and perhaps even snap a pic of the in-store ad if you pass by the store) if you have already purchased. If and when we find out more, we will update.

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I just did a chat session with rebate support, provided the information from my receipt and they generated an Easy Rebate ID for me to submit.

Will share the status of the submission when it updates


Received notice overnight that validation is complete — looks good here.


On Sunday, the register would not print out the rebate form after purchase. After talking to the manager, the manager removed the promotion signage from the gift card rack.. and then just gave me a $15 staples gift card on the spot. Score! I can go back and get another set of gift cards and do an online submission.


I have not had luck, at the store the clerk confirmed the rebate in the circular but nobody could help me because the rebate just didn’t print out. Manager also no help. So I called customer service, over 20 minutes and ended up telling me to mail in the information. I’ve now spent way more than $15 worth of my time driving back and forth to Staples and then trying to deal with this….will mail it in but pretty frustrated


At my local Staples yesterday (midday Monday) the rebate receipt would not print for two $200 cards. The store manager gave me three $5 vouchers instead. Great customer service.


On Sunday my receipt did not print out, but I submitted the rebate online anyway which went through successfully even though no details were provided with what the rebate is for. Today I received emailed confirmation with correct info that this rebate has processed. So no waste of time dealing with this one after all.


I can confirm that as of Tuesday evening ~8 ET, rebate forms were printing at the registers. (I bought 2 x $200 MC). Also, rebate submission worked normally at stapleseasyrebates (system recognized I was entitled to $15 staples GC).