Possible last call for Prestige 75K offer

Citibank is currently offering a huge 75K signup bonus after $7.5K spend for their Citi Prestige card, but The Points Guy reports that the 75K bonus will be ending soon (they don’t know an end date, just “soon”).

But… will it really end?

A number of blogs recently made a big deal about the end of the Citi Premier 50K offer, but that one is still going strong.  Still, it’s possible that the Prestige 75K offer really will end soon.  So, if you’re planning to get the card, you may want to get on it…

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Any datapoints yet of people getting the 75k despite already having the same card, if they haven’t cancelled or opened a TY card in the last 24 months? I know that there is speculation that it will work given the language, but has anyone actually been able to accomplish it?


[…] Possible last call for Prestige 75K offer: It’s hard to know whether or not this one will truly end, but the signup bonus is surely a limited-time deal and is rumored to be ending “soon”. […]