[Expired] 10% off Target gift cards this Sunday

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Update: This offer has been confirmed by Target.

This Sunday, December 3rd, rumor has it that Target will be offering 10% off Target gift cards. Last year, the promotion was capped at $300 in gift cards per household, so it would be reasonable to expect a similar limitation once again. Stacked with 5% cash back from Discover (if you haven’t yet maxed that out), this would be a very good discount. If you’re in the first year of a Discover card, that 5% would double at the end of the year and you’d be looking at a total of 19% off/back, which would be fantastic.

Bottom line

We haven’t yet seen a direct advertisement from Target about this deal, but Danny the Deal Guru posted it at Miles to Memories based on intel from their Facebook group. I suspect there is probably truth to the rumor. Be on the lookout for an update this weekend as we will be sure to post if and when this goes live online.

H/T: Miles to Memories

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10% off gift cards + 5% Discover cashback doubled = not 25 but 20% (really 19%, since the 10% Discover cashback would be on the price of the discounted GCs, not full price)


There is also the October chat offer (add’l 3% back). It’d be 10% off and 2×0.9x(5+3) = 14.4% cashback…


You can also stack this with the BF 20% off coupon since that is valid till 12/10


Is the 20% Off coupon capped? I’d be tempted to get one off eBay since I didn’t do the promo this year at Target, but not if it’s capped…


can target gcs be used to buy other Gift cards?


Although you can’t use the Black Friday 20% off coupon to buy gift cards, you could (it seems) purchase gift cards at 10% off then use those to pay for your BF 20% off coupon purchase. So for a $100 purchase + BF 20% off coupon = $80. If you take advantage of 10% off gift cards, you pay $72 for the $80 gift card, so essentially it is 28% off. It doesn’t seem that there’s any exclusion that would speak to not using gift cards to apply towards/pay for purchase in the BF 20% coupon and the dates do overlap!


Can’t buy 3rd party gift cards with a target gift card. You can on amazon.


How can you do that? I have some Target CGs that I want to use to buy Disney GCs. Thx.

Mark D.

Yes you can. I have done it many times with Disney gift cards in store.


Are you saying you can buy 3rd party gift cards in Target using a Target Gift card?

Mark D.

Correct, I have probably done it 5-6 times as have others I know. You cannot do it online, only in store.

Mark D.

You used to be able to do it online and if your redcard was your default method of payment you would still get the 5% on top even though you were using the giftcard instead of the redcard.


Can you buy the gift cards on Sunday and then turn around and purchase something with them or do u have to wait until a certain date to use them?


Confirmed with my local Target. Use Discover card for 5% addtional, if not exhausted 1500 at Target this quarter.


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