Chase Ink Plus Mastercard changing to Ink Plus Visa

Yesterday, Doctor of Credit reported that Chase Ink Mastercards will be converted to Chase Ink Visa cards in early 2018.  Exact details of how the old cards map to the new cards was unknown.  I now know one specific conversion: My Ink Plus Mastercard will become an Ink Plus Visa in January.  I think it is a safe bet that Ink Bold Mastercards will also be converted to Ink Plus Visa cards.  I also expect that Ink Cash and Ink Classic Mastercards will be converted to Ink Cash Visa cards.  This is all mostly good news since it means that we will keep our 5X category bonuses (some were worried about the possibility of being converted to the Ink Business Preferred card with its 3X categories).  It’s bad news for those who were still earning 5X with their Mastercard’s by buying gift cards from Paypal Digital Gifts or those who were counting on earning extra cash back with Mastercard Easy Savings.

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My Ink Bold was my only Mastercard – it only matters because my County only accepts Mastercard and Discover card for tax payments by credit card. I’ll miss those sweet UR points with a very low (1%) convenience fees.


If I already have an ink plus visa, do you think they will still let me convert my ink bold MasterCard to another ink plus visa (and thus have two of them)?


My Ink Bold MC is being converted to an Ink Plus Visa. I’ve never had the Ink Plus, would I be able to apply now before they issue the new one and get the sign-up bonus?


I have an old Bold Ink M/C but was hoping to get apply- and get a Bonus – on the Ink Plus at some point.
I suppose I have to go ahead and close my M/C… as I am sure I will not get a bonus for this forced conversion.


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I am assuming this isn’t considered a “new product” since just going from MC to Visa for sign up bonus purposes?


I hope this doesn’t screw up some of their wonky categories, like I particularly enjoy being able to buy gift cards on eBay as a 5x category.