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11 Comments on "(EXPIRED) Easy(ish) money: Up to $2500 bonus w/ business bank accounts at BOA"

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Ah yes, easy. Because a large portion of America has $50k in cash sitting around in non-tax-advantaged accounts to transfer over…


There are plenty of small business owners that can deposit the required $50,000 for this bonus. Obviously BOA is targeting people that can bring money to their table, and they want high balances parked in their accounts.

If this isn’t you there are plenty of other bank bonus deals you can get in on with much lower requirements.


I did this last year but only went for the $1000 by opening a business checking account and a credit card. I wasn’t sure I could do it because I didn’t have $50k, but I tried it anyways by rotating funds. I can confirm it is doable by rotating funds. Here are some things I did. A bulk were from rotating an initial $10k and I completed the requirement in under 60 days.
– ACH into the BOA account from other external bank accounts
– ACH paycheck from job
– Withdraw the funds from BOA as cash or bill pay, then redepositing them to other external accounts. Then sending it back to BOA in another form, like writing a check this time or cash deposit (different amounts and dates) instead of ACH.
– I also asked family to write me a check in exchange for cash, which I deposited.
– Linked it to PayPal and sent funds down to BoA from eBay sales.

* Note the bonus did not post until 90 days after I completed the requirements. I also kept rotating the funds past $50k through the 90 day period cause I wasn’t sure what qualified for the deposits.


I did a similar bonus in 2016 and closed the account in 2017. Does anyone know if it’s possible to get it again?

Mohsin Siddiqui

Do you know how long to keep the deposited to keep the bonus? How long should the checking account remain open?


Thank Nick – I’ll probably take advantage of this, especially as I hate Wells Fargo’s nickel-and-diming and there’s no time commitment to keeping the $50,000 in the account. Nothing like an incentive to try someone else!


U get a 1099 for all these bonuses FYI (for the few who do not know this already)


I sent this offer to 2 family members. The first one said “I wouldn’t touch BOA with a 10-foot pole: they screwed up our office accounts Horribly several years ago.”
The second one just called me to report: “Last week I deposited a check for $75,000. BOA recorded it as $75 -and that’s what they took out of the payer’s account too. I also sold my house last week and they overcharged fees on closing my line of credit. Now they won’t stand behind what they told me. And they’ve never heard of this bonus offer.” This was Richmond, VA. YMMV


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