New offer for Apple Pay: Spend $5, get $2 back 5x [Targeted]

There are a few new Amex Offers out this morning, including a notable targeted one for Apple Pay: Spend $5, get $2 back, and it is repeatable up to 5 times. We’ve added this and a couple of other new offers to our Current Amex Offers databse.

The Deal

  • Spend $5 or more via Apple Pay in-store and in-app in the fifth US States, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands, get $2 back, up to 5 times

Key Terms

  • Expires 8/29/18

Quick Thoughts

This is a nice little offer for those who use Apple Pay regularly. I find it interesting that Amex targeted me for this one since I don’t use an iPhone/iWatch/iPad, though it could be because of my recent addition of an Apple TV from the DirecTV deal. If you regularly use Apple Pay to grab a cup of coffee or something in the morning, this is an easy $10 win.

Also keep in mind that Chase is targeted some users for 1,000 Ultimate Rewards points for making 5 purchases via Apple Pay (See: 1,000 Ultimate Rewards points with 5 purchases via Apple Pay). I’d value that one a bit more than this offer (especially since there is no $5 minimum purchase with Chase), though there should be plenty of time to take advantage of both offers if you’ve been targeted.

As noted above, this one is targeted: I only had the offer on one card. Still, it’s worth keeping an eye out even if you aren’t immediately targeted as Amex sometimes rolls offers like these out slowly.

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Received similar offer but for 200 points instead of $2.

Deb belcore

How do you know if you are targeted. Just opened up both apps and don’t see any mention. Do they email you?


You were probably targeted because you’re NOT using Apple Pay. It’s way easier for them to know that you’re not using it than it is for them to know you don’t even have an iOS device. They could track what kind of device you use to access their site but better is just to incentivize you to use something you may have. If you don’t have it, no harm to them nor you. If you have it, they potentially get you to add your amex card and make it the default card in your mobile wallet.


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The offer I got was spend $5, get 200 MR points, 5x.


So to use Apple pay you have to have an Apple phone?


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