Here’s A List Of All The 10,000 Point Hilton Properties In The US

When the Hilton Honors program changed in February 2017, one of the most notable changes was that they did away with categories and moved to (somewhat) dynamic pricing.

Prior to that, it had been fairly easy to find out which properties fell under which category, even though the category listings were spread over multiple pages and the interface was ugly.

Hampton Inn Enterprise, Alabama

Hampton Inn Enterprise, Alabama – only 10,000 Hilton Honors points per night

The February 2017 changes eliminated that functionality. As Hilton no longer has categories, there’s no category list to refer to. If you’re someone that likes to stretch your Hilton Honors points by using them for as many free nights as possible rather than spending 95,000 points per night at the Conrad Maldives, that makes your job much harder.

To help you out, we’ve created a list below of all the Hilton properties in the US that only require 10,000 points per night. That’s the equivalent of the old category 2; although some worldwide properties only charge 5,000 points per night, there don’t appear to be any in the US nowadays.

This list includes all the 10,000 point properties I could find based on my research, but there might be others. If you come across any other Hilton properties that only cost 10,000 points per night, let us know in the comments below and we’ll update the list.

Why 10,000 Point Properties Are Great

The reason this list could be useful for you is that these properties provide some of the best value for your Hilton Honors points. For example, my wife and I visited Enterprise, Alabama in March 2018 for the 25th annual World’s Smallest St Patrick’s Day Parade. In case you’re wondering, the parade consists of one person who walks a block up to the city’s Boll Weevil Monument (yep, really!) and back again.

Enterprise has a Hampton Inn which only costs 10,000 points per night. As we were staying five nights we got the 5th night free, so the total cost was 40,000 points. It got better though – thanks to the Points Unlimited promotion that was running at the time, we received 2,000 bonus points as they were given even on award stays. I also earned 250 bonus points from having Diamond status, so our net cost was 37,750 Hilton Honors points.

The cheapest rate when booking was $113.62 per night. That included tax, but was the advance purchase, non-refundable rate – a flexible rate would’ve been more expensive. Even based on that lower cost though, we got 1.50cpp (cents per point) of value for our stay.

The Frequent Miler Reasonable Redemption Value for Hilton Honors points is 0.45cpp, so staying at a 10,000 point property got us more than triple that value. The stars aligned perfectly with that stay given the 5th night free and bonus points, but even on one night stays you should be able to get 1cpp of value or more at 10,000 point properties.

Enterprise AL World's Smallest St Patrick's Day Parade 9

10,000 points can help you see the World’s Smallest St Patrick’s Day Parade for free

List Of Hilton Honors 10,000 Point Properties

Here’s a list and interactive map of all the US-based Hilton hotels you can book for 10,000 points per night. Be aware that there might not be 10,000 point availability on every night of the year as the Hilton Honors program has dynamic pricing. And as I mentioned earlier, please share in the comments below if you find any other hotels that should be added to this list and we’ll get it updated.













New Mexico

North Carolina


South Carolina




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I’m trying to think of the antonym of “aspirational”


I think it’s AssPoorational


Great for hotels in the middle of nowhere. Thanks for the confirmation that I need to sock drawer this card.


Bruh, you’re better than this article depicts. Wasted words on wasted properties.


Interesting article. Thanks. The first picture you used of the Hampton Inn in Alabama….the outside of the hotel looks like it needs a good pressure washing.


I’m curious how you put together this list. Did you just manually search out lower end properties from the old award chart days? I’m just wondering if there’s a quicker way that I’m not aware of.


Looks like you hit Enterprise at the beginning and end of their high season 😉


I appreciate this kind of post. Keep them coming. I see some that could meet my needs well on upcoming road trips. Don’t let those who sniff at anything that’s not a luxury property discourage you.


I also appreciate the list. I bookmarked the article, then read the first few comments and wondered why the slam. There are times we are wanting to take an inexpensive/low-point road trip and need this kind of info. Thanks!


I recently stayed at one of these 10,000 point Hampton Inns. It was just as good as, say, a 20,000 point Hampton Inn. In fact, the ham and cheese scrambled eggs was one of the better egg dishes I’ve had in a free breakfast in an American motel. You’re obviously going to find these properties in off-the-beaten path locations, but if you’re on a road trip somewhere in America, the location may work out for you. Read the reviews, and if they’re not terrible, go for it!

Mike & Maryanna

Thanks for doing the leg work on this. We take impromptu road trips all through the year and are always looking for Hilton & IHG properties with low redemption values. Being travel geeks, we adjust our trips accordingly and have discovered some great places in these so called no where land locations. It’s the journey, remember?


The Pampa one is solid and a great place to break a trip heading into or out of southern Texas.


We Airbnb our house and often use the Illinois property (It’s been 5000/night) as a great value get away when we have guests.


[…] Nice list to have: Here’s A List Of All The 10,000 Point Hilton Properties In The US. […]

Luke Vader

Excellent list, thanks for compiling. And since Hilton points are currently on sale (can purchase with a 100% bonus, i.e. 50% off), folks who don’t have an existing stash of HHonors points can buy (and use) them cheaply right now.

The aspirational/AssPoorational comment is hilarious, I’ve done plenty of both.


Appreciate the list. Really helpful for road trips. Just curious if there’s an international version? Believe there are plenty low cat properties in Asia.