Earn 5X paying estimated taxes? (reminder: Q2 estimated taxes due 6/15)

This is just a quick reminder that second quarter estimated taxes are due in a couple of days.  And for those who haven’t yet maxed out their Chase Freedom 5X spend this quarter, it should be possible to pay your taxes with your Freedom card via Paypal in order to earn 5X rewards.  Specifically, PayUSATax.com advertises that they accept checkout via Paypal.  There is a 1.97% fee, but you gain much more than that in rewards.

For complete details about how to earn miles when paying taxes, see our updated guide: Complete guide to paying taxes via credit card, debit card, or gift card.

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OOP.s Thanks I forgot all about that but just got down paying my EU bills as in 2 Many French dinners $$$..


Hi, Greg. I think this might be dead. I paid my estimated taxes a couple of days and the confirmation from PayPal said that the tax portion would code as PAYUSATAX and the convenience fee would code as PAYPAL *PAYUSATAX.

On a previous payment, both parts coded as PAYPAL *PAYUSATAX.

That suggests the tax payment itself will post as a purchase. My statement doesn’t close for a couple of weeks, so I won’t know for sure until then.


I’ve been doing ‘Offical Payments’ for years no hassle..


That happened to me also! Only the convenience fee posted as paypal. You can see that online even before your statement closes. Didn’t get the 5% on payment portion, only the fees. So I’ll call them because it should all post as paypal!