40K to Far Away: Launch announcement (#40Kfaraway)

The adventure begins Wednesday October 2nd.  Nick, Stephen, and I will meetup in Washington DC to kick off the 40K to Far Away challenge.  Our goal?  Go as far as possible.  Our budget?  40,000 points and $400.  Who will pick the winner?  You will.

Each of us has been assigned a transferable points currency.  We are allowed to use up to 40,000 points, as follows:

  • Greg the Frequent Miler (AKA me): 40,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points
  • Nick: 40,000 Citi ThankYou Rewards points
  • Stephen: 40,000 Amex Membership Rewards points

We purposely left the objective unclear.  Readers will be given the opportunity to debate who won and why; and a reader poll will ultimately decide the winner.


We expect this to be fun!  And it should be a great opportunity to highlight sweet spot awards available through each of the transferable points currencies: Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi ThankYou Rewards, and Amex Membership Rewards.

In fact, this contest has already led to some awesome discoveries such as the ability to book flights to Hawaii for only 7,500 Citi ThankYou points, the ability to book super-cheap fares with Chase points, and tricks for finding 5K United awards.  More examples can be found below under the heading “What we’ve learned so far.”

The Rules

The goal is to use the budget (40K points + $400) to go as far as possible.  How do we measure success?  We don’t know.  We debated whether we should measure distance from origin to destination, but that didn’t seem right.  After all, someone could potentially fly all the way around the world and end up 0 miles from the start.  How about measuring the combined distance of each individual leg?  Maybe, but should we really count it as going far if Stephen rides a merry-go-round 35,000 miles?  Ultimately we decided that we’ll know success when we see it.  And, if we don’t, it will still be fun debating it!

But we do need some rules, so here they are:

  • Beginning with the first mode of transportation, we must account for all costs within the 40K + $400 budget.  This means that we need to track payments for food, airport transfers (not counting the original transfer to get to the starting location), lodging, visas, etc.
  • This is a one-way challenge.  We do not need to return to the starting location.  When Nick declares success standing with a flag at the South Pole, he can then return home however he wants.
  • We cannot accept transit/lodging/food help from readers.  In other words, we can accept help in terms of advice, but we can’t accept a ride to the airport, lodging, food, or other types of material assistance from readers.

What’s next

Nick, Stephen, and I will continue to post things we’ve learned while honing our plans.

The excitement will crank up on October 2nd when the challenge officially begins.  We’ll each post regularly about each flight, bus, train, and camel ride we take.  We’ll post our successes and obstacles.  You can expect our posts to be a combination of social media posts and blog posts.  Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

We’ll wrap up with summaries of how we each spent our 40K miles and how much travel (distance, quality, uniqueness, etc.) we completed.  Next, we’ll open up the floor to discussion to ask readers who they think won and why.  We’ll then post a summary of that debate and we’ll post a reader poll to determine the winner.

What we’ve learned so far

The challenge to come up with the best possible itinerary with 40K points has led us to many interesting discoveries.  Some are brand new.  Others were already known, but are relatively new to us.  Here are some of the gems:

Recent contest updates

  • July 29: Greg booked most of his flights!
  • July 22: Greg finally booked one leg of his journey
  • July 5: Nick revealed that he was able to book an award to Hawaii for only 7.5K Turkish miles (found here)!
  • July 3: Nick has his first and last flights booked and has “one in the middle on hold”.  I’ve heard bits and pieces of Nick’s scheming and it has me a bit worried.  I don’t know if he’ll beat me, but I know he’s going far.  Very far.
  • July 3: Greg still hasn’t booked anything.  I’ve worked out many scenarios, but haven’t yet picked the winning hand.
  • June 30: Stephen has booked his first flight!  Stephen was first in the group to book anything.  I’m looking forward to finding out where he’s going.  Has Stephen found a magical route that will beat Nick and me?

What about the environment?

Flying around the world for no reason other than to declare victory may be fun, but it’s arguably not so good for the environment.  To help mitigate this issue, Frequent Miler (the business) will purchase carbon offsets greater than the amount of damage estimated from our travels.

Media inquiries

Please contact us here: press@frequentmiler.net.

All 40K to Far Away posts:

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[…] thinks that the ability to book travel through Chase at 1.5c per point is a huge advantage in our 40K To Far Away Challenge. I’m not buying it. I think Greg is either intentionally trying to throw us off his scent or […]


[…] thinks that the ability to book travel through Chase at 1.5c per point is a huge advantage in our 40K To Far Away Challenge. I’m not buying it. I think Greg is either intentionally trying to throw us off his scent or […]


[…] loved to show you how to go to Japan and back with a stopover in Hawaii for 40k miles total (See this neat challenge on Frequent Miler blog) I wish! It actually cost me a bit more than 90k miles all-in per person in economy. Yup, I was […]


[…] not excited about our 40K to Far Away Challenge.  “Excited” is too mild a word.  “Obsessed” is more accurate.  Nick, […]


How about a DC send off party?

Parts Unknown
Parts Unknown

If Stephen rode a merry go round for 35,000 miles I would vote for him.
Will you guys be live blogging or tweeting the adventure? I’d say make a rules exception for WiFi costs & data roaming fees or whatever.


Can’t wait!


Is there an end date too? Or is it just however long it takes?


I predict using the one way rule will be key to winning this challenge–and I would suggest at the very least providing the cost in getting back home as part of the voting information.

Tom Mackay
Tom Mackay

So would you allow – or even encourage your fans to follow/accompany you on this adventure? I imagine some of us might think it fun to bounce around the globe with you (without the spending restrictions) I promise not to break the rules, I won’t send any treats back to you from the front of the plane.


[…] awesome. I’m not sure whether or not Stephen Pepper has all of his flights booked for the #40KFaraway challenge, but if not I’d suggest that he hold off a few more days. I actually have some unrelated […]


[…] show the discounted pricing already. I’ve actually been using the tool a lot in my #40KFaraway planning. I’m not sure any of this month’s promo awards will come into play for me, but […]


[…] It figures that I spent much of the summer in the northeast and was always near a Stop & Shop; now these digital coupons come out and I’m in Virginia which doesn’t have any Giant, Martin’s or Stop & Shop stores nearby. I’ll just have to hope that Kroger comes out with something similar, although knowing my luck they’d launch coupons that would only be valid while I’m away for 40k To Faraway! […]


[…] lightweight operating system where basically everything runs in the Chrome browser.  For the 40K to Far Away Challenge, I wanted something super light and with good battery life since I plan to carry everything in a […]


[…] payment option for my PayPal account. That included a few transactions when booking travel for 40k To Faraway to have a little extra cashback to spend on the trip, although my flights were all booked using the […]


[…] I wasn’t particularly hungry at lunch time anyway. Add in the fact that I was training for #40KFaraway and I knew this was an opportunity to try something […]


[…] 40K to Far Away Challenge is coming up soon!  Just over two weeks from now (October 2), Nick, Stephen and I will take off in […]


[…] travel. Indeed, when Greg, Stephen, and I go our separate ways to hop around the globe on our #40KFaraway challenge in a little over a week, Google Fi will probably be the main means of staying in touch and live […]