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This fall, Nick Reyes, Stephen Pepper, and I will meetup in a convenient city to kick off the 40K to Far Away challenge.  Our goal?  Go as far as possible.  Our budget?  40,000 points and $400.  Who will pick the winner?  You will.  We purposely left the objective unclear.  Readers will be given the opportunity to debate who won and why; and a reader poll will ultimately decide the winner.  Many more details about the challenge can be found here in the original #40Kfaraway post.

What’s next

Once all three of us have booked our initial flight or train or camel ride, we’ll announce the date and starting location of the challenge.

Once the challenge begins, we’ll each post regularly about our adventures until they’re complete. I expect that our posts will be a combination of social media posts and blog posts.  Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

We’ll wrap up with summaries of how we each spent our 40K miles and how much travel (distance, quality, uniqueness, etc.) we completed.  Next, we’ll open up the floor to discussion to ask readers who they think won and why.  We’ll then post a summary of that debate and post a reader poll to determine the winner.

What we’ve learned so far

The challenge to come up with the best possible itinerary with 40K points has led us to many interesting discoveries.  Some are brand new.  Others were already known, but are relatively new to us.  Here are some of the gems:

Recent updates

  • July 5: Nick revealed that he was able to book an award to Hawaii for only 7.5K Turkish miles (found here)!
  • July 3: Nick has his first and last flights booked and has “one in the middle on hold”.  I’ve heard bits and pieces of Nick’s scheming and it has me a bit worried.  I don’t know if he’ll beat me, but I know he’s going far.  Very far.
  • July 3: Greg still hasn’t booked anything.  I’ve worked out many scenarios, but haven’t yet picked the winning hand.
  • June 30: Stephen has booked his first flight!  Stephen was first in the group to book anything.  I’m looking forward to finding out where he’s going.  Has Stephen found a magical route that will beat Nick and me?

Media inquiries

Please contact us here: press@frequentmiler.net.

All 40K to Far Away posts:

Finding United MileagePlus 5K Awards (7/12/2019) by Greg The Frequent Miler - I recently posted the fact that almost all award flights within Japan cost only 5K United miles one-way.  That's cool both because 5K is a cheap price to pay and because it's a cheap way to initiate a United Excursionist Perk.  That means that you can fly round-trip within Japan for 10K miles and, if you can fit it in-between those two flights, you can make your way to another country/region and fly for free… (Click to continue reading)
The best stopover deals worldwide (7/10/2019) by Greg The Frequent Miler - A number of airlines and airports offer free tours and free lodging for those transiting through the airport on their way to somewhere else.  This can be a great way to turn an otherwise painfully long layover into a mini vacation of its own. We've scoured the web for the best deals, but we may have missed some.  If you know of any great stopover deals that we missed, please comment below! Istanbul: Turkish Airline's… (Click to continue reading)
Greg’s weapons don’t scare me: why 1.5cpp is overrated (#40Kfaraway) (7/9/2019) by Nick Reyes - Greg thinks that the ability to book travel through Chase at 1.5c per point is a huge advantage in our 40K To Far Away Challenge. I'm not buying it. I think Greg is either intentionally trying to throw us off his scent or he's grossly overestimating the advantage of being able to book travel through the Chase portal. Lest you make the same mistake he may be making, allow me to explain why being able to… (Click to continue reading)
My secret weapon #40Kfaraway (7/8/2019) by Greg The Frequent Miler - Last week, Nick became the presumed favorite in the 40K to Far Away challenge when he revealed the greatest sweet spot award ever: 7.5K miles each way to Hawaii.  That deal requires Turkish Miles & Smiles miles.  And, of the three of us, only Nick can easily get those miles by transferring from Citi ThankYou points.  Neither Stephen's Amex points, nor my Chase points are capable of transferring to Turkish. In response to Nick's post,… (Click to continue reading)
Book Turkish Miles & Smiles awards via email. Here’s how. (7/5/2019) by Nick Reyes - Turkish Miles & Smiles has an incredibly generous award chart which includes deals such as 7.5K one-way from anywhere in the US to Hawaii (or 15K in business class), 45K one-way business class to Europe, 52.5K one-way business class to central Asia, etc.  And you can transfer points to Turkish from Citi ThankYou Rewards (1 to 1) or from Marriott Bonvoy (60K to 25K).  Finding these great deals in Turkish's award chart is easy.  Booking… (Click to continue reading)
7.5K each way to Hawaii: The sweetest spot we’ve been missing (7/5/2019) by Nick Reyes - Our #40Kfaraway challenge has led me to more closely study the award charts of all of the Citi Transfer Partners. I recently stumbled on a gem that I shared over the weekend at FM to Go Minneapolis: you can fly from the mainland US to/from Hawaii for 7.5K each way in economy class. If you can find it, business class is 12.5K each way. That's a pretty amazing sweet spot -- and yes, I've booked it… (Click to continue reading)
Around the world in 40K (7/1/2019) by Greg The Frequent Miler - I think it's fair to say that I've been obsessed with the 40K to Far Away Challenge.  Nick, Stephen, and I each have a budget of 40,000 points and $400 to try to get as far away as possible (details here).  Nick is working with Citi ThankYou points, Stephen has Amex Membership Rewards, and I have Chase Ultimate Rewards.  I've written before about why I think I have the easiest and best option (since I… (Click to continue reading)
Fly around Japan for 5K each way, and add a free Excursion [Sweet-spot spotlight] (6/28/2019) by Greg The Frequent Miler - Nick previously published a similar post: Fly around Japan for 4.5K each way with British Airways Avios [Sweet-spot spotlight].  But then the BA devaluation happened (see: BA devaluation not so bad after all).  Now, it costs 6,000 Avios each way to fly around Japan.  Don't worry though: all is not lost! Thanks to my research for the 40K to Far Away Challenge, I found a better option for those with United miles or Chase points… (Click to continue reading)
United Excursionist Perk Maps. Visualize regions to optimize awards. (6/27/2019) by Greg The Frequent Miler - In my opinion, the United Excursionist Perk is one of the best aspects of United's MileagePlus program.  What is the Excursionist Perk?  When you book an award trip using United miles, and your travel begins and ends in the same region, you can get a free one-way within a single region of the world that isn’t your region of origin. The intent of this feature is to allow you to visit multiple cities on one… (Click to continue reading)
Hilton Sharm Waterfalls Resort How I Won’t Be Winning The 40K To Far Away Challenge Either (6/26/2019) by Stephen Pepper - Maybe I should take Mr Quinney's advice and not underestimate myself. Having come up with the idea for the 40K To Far Away challenge, I questioned the wisdom of suggesting it to Greg and Nick. After all, my strength lies in maximizing our points for living in hotels, not maximizing miles for flying around the world. As Greg noted when announcing the challenge, I'm the least experienced award booker of the three of us and… (Click to continue reading)
Greg’s Chase Ultimate Rewards battle plans (6/26/2019) by Greg The Frequent Miler - The 40K to Far Away challenge is on! Nick, Stephen, and I each have a budget of 40K points and $400 to go as far away as we can.  Nick is working with Citi ThankYou points, Stephen is working with Amex Membership Rewards points, and I have Chase Ultimate Rewards points. The rules of this game are purposely unclear (see the original post for details), but I plan to win.  As Nick pointed out yesterday,… (Click to continue reading)
Cruising to a win #40Kfaraway (6/25/2019) by Greg The Frequent Miler - When the 40K to Far Away idea first came up (see: Challenge! 40K to Far Away), and when I learned that I would be assigned Chase Ultimate Rewards points, I had a great idea.  I remembered the Travel is Free post about how to find cheap repositioning cruises.  In that post, Drew mentioned having found a repositioning cruise from the Mediterranean to the US for only $149!  Since it's possible to book cruises with Chase… (Click to continue reading)
How I’m not going to win the 40K challenge (6/25/2019) by Nick Reyes - In my younger years, I  ran track for a legendary coach named Mr. Quinney. My high school's girls' track & field team went more than a decade undefeated in our league and nearly two decades as league champions; the boys team went something like 5 years without a league loss around the time I was in school. Every spring, there was a team meeting on the first day of track season. Annually faced with the… (Click to continue reading)
Challenge! 40K to Far Away (6/24/2019) by Greg The Frequent Miler - About a month ago, I hosted an annual Frequent Miler business meeting.  The idea was to take a step back from the day to day blog writing in order to look at the big picture.  We know that our priority is to make our website great.  What does great look like?  What steps do we need to take to get there?  A big part of our vision is to be not only informative, but entertaining… (Click to continue reading)

Last updated on July 8th, 2019

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[…] at any time. I paused mine just yesterday — but then I’ll turn it on again for the #40Kfaraway […]


[…] thinks that the ability to book travel through Chase at 1.5c per point is a huge advantage in our 40K To Far Away Challenge. I’m not buying it. I think Greg is either intentionally trying to throw us off his scent or […]


[…] thinks that the ability to book travel through Chase at 1.5c per point is a huge advantage in our 40K To Far Away Challenge. I’m not buying it. I think Greg is either intentionally trying to throw us off his scent or […]