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Crunch time! Final pre-Marriott/SPG merger checklist

It’s crunch time… This coming Saturday, August 18th, Marriott, SPG, and Ritz will combine their separate rewards programs into a single unified program. Now is the time to take advantage of opportunities that will soon be gone. Take a look at the following checklist items to decide which you should do before it’s too late: Table of Contents Merger Overview Screen grab your point balances, lifetime status, and certificates Transfer all household points to one…

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Yet another new Marriott travel package conversion theory


Earlier today I posted my best guess of how old Marriott travel packages will be converted to new ones: Mapping old to new Marriott Travel Packages.  In that post, I suggested that the following conversions were likely: In response to that post, Points Pinnacle pointed out a thread on Flyertalk in which maxcalls wrote about what he or she was told by a Marriott Rewards representative (found here). The short version is this: All stay…

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Mapping old to new Marriott Travel Packages

Marriott travel packages are awards in which you exchange Marriott Rewards points for airline miles plus a 7 night stay certificate.  You do not have to book your actual stay right away.  These packages currently offer great value when you select the options that earn 120,000 airline miles (or 132,000 United miles).  On Saturday, though, the new combined Marriott / SPG program goes live and travel packages become a poor value. So… I’ve been encouraging everyone…

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Leaked Marriott T&Cs: off-the-chart properties still off the chart?

Via Flyertalk, phltraveler posted what appears to be Marriott’s new terms & conditions.  If these terms are correct (not yet verified), then there’s a bit of good news and bad news… Good News: Marriott Elite Benefit Guarantees continue and extend to Starwood properties.  This is a great benefit that I’m happy to see extended.  See: Marriott pays up when they fail to deliver elite benefits. There also appear to be select benefits for Platinum Premier members…

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Marriott Travel Packages won’t turn into points, but will go into 1 month limbo

Marriott 7 Night Travel Packages

Many of us have been waiting until August 18th to learn what will happen to the travel package stay certificates that we acquired prior to August 18th.  This afternoon, we finally got some information from Marriott.  For background on this topic, please see: What will happen to existing Marriott Travel Package certificates? We learned the following: New travel package pricing begins August 18th (yes, we already knew that) Existing travel package stay certificates that have…

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Is the Amex 5 Credit Card Limit Gone?

Yesterday, I accidentally applied for the SPG card.  A reader had asked about the new feature where Amex will warn you if you’ve had a card before and are not eligible for the bonus.  I had never seen the warning myself except as posted on other blogs, so I picked a card that I’ve had before (the SPG consumer card) and applied. I expected to see something like this: Instead, my application was instantly approved.…

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Over 700K and slowing down. Should Ben go for 125K more?

When we last checked in on our “informed newbie”, Ben had pulled in over 600,000 points through signup bonuses in a 9 month span.  And, even though he had signed up for 10 cards in that time-frame, he was still under 5/24 thanks to his focus on business cards (which are not typically reported to the credit bureaus).  Please see my prior post for full details: Over 600,000 points and well under 5/24. Since that…

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Up to 450K on the table and a short window of opportunity with Marriott & SPG

When I published “Navigating Marriott’s Byzantine Credit Card Rules,” a week ago, I had resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to get the new SPG Luxury card and its expected 125K welcome bonus because I already had the Ritz card.  The new rules that begin on August 26th mean that I can’t qualify for the SPG Luxury Card bonus without getting rid of my Ritz card and then waiting 31 days…

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A new era for Amex Offers

You were never supposed to be able to load the same Amex Offer to multiple cards in the same person’s name, but for years we’ve been able to do so either by creating separate log-ins for each card, or by doing the “multi-tab trick” where you would open multiple tabs in the same browser and load each tab with a different card’s Amex Offers before loading the offers one at a time to each card.…

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