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Greg is the owner, founder, and primary author of the Frequent Miler. He earns millions of points and miles each year, mostly without flying, and dedicates this blog to teaching others how to do the same.

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Amex ratchets up their war on gaming with wave of shutdowns

Last week, Reddit was aflame with reports of Amex shutting down accounts.  While account shutdowns have long been common with other issuers, this hasn’t been Amex’s primary approach in the past.  For many years, they temporarily froze accounts in order to put them through financial review.  If the cardholder came out of the financial review successfully, their accounts were fully restored.  More recently, we’ve seen Amex clawing back points that they decided were earned through…

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Credit card changing fortunes

One of the things that has long fascinated me about rewards credit cards is the way in which changes to other things (other cards, rewards programs, airport lounges, etc.) can effect the perceived value of a card.  OK, so yes, that proves that I’m a credit card nerd.  Still, even if you’re not a credit card nerd, I think you’ll find this interesting too… I took a look at a number of popular rewards credit…

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About Frequent Miler

A friend recently looked at the Frequent Miler website and said “I don’t get it.  What is this all about?”  I took a step back and could see her point.  Nowhere on our website was an explanation.  What is Frequent Miler?  Our tagline (Earn Miles Without Flying) was nowhere to be seen at the time (we’ve since corrected that).  We didn’t even have the obligatory “About Frequent Miler” menu option.  This post is intended to…

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5 ways to get CLEAR for less

CLEAR is a service that uses your eyes or fingerprints to confirm your identity.  This is used at many airport and some stadiums to help you speed through security checks.  CLEAR isn’t yet available at all airports in the US, but thanks to partnerships with Delta and United, CLEAR is rapidly expanding. At supported airports, CLEAR makes it possible to skip the sometimes very long ID check lines (just before security).  Instead, of waiting to…

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Manufacturing Delta elite status in 2020 and beyond

Reconsidering my Delta elite future For many years now, I’ve manufactured high level Delta elite status for myself and my wife using techniques to increase credit card spend and get most of it back.  For simplicity, we often refer to these techniques as “manufactured spending” but in reality many techniques are simply ways to pay big bills (taxes, rent, etc.) with a credit card for as small of a fee as possible. There are significant…

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Which Ultra Premium Cards are Keepers? Version 3.1

UPDATE 11/4/2019 Version 3.1: That was fast!  I last published this post 5 days ago with Version 3.0 of the spreadsheet.  Since then, we learned of the CNB card’s massive devaluation (click here for details).  So, I’ve updated the spreadsheet to version 3.1 with the new CNB info.  Personally, this meant that the CNB card is no longer a keeper for me.  As a result, my valuations of other cards increased. I’ll now be leaning…

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CNB Crystal Visa Infinite loses valuable perks as of Jan 1 2020

On the heels of their point devaluation, CNB has announced severe cuts to the CNB Crystal Visa Infinite card’s benefits.  CNB has published a document “Change in Terms to Your City National Bank Crystal® Visa Infinite® Credit Card Guide to Benefits.”  Rumors had already circulated about some of this (found here), but now we have concrete changes to react to.  It ain’t pretty. Here’s what’s changing on January 1 2020: Airline incidental fees capped at…

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Amex Membership Rewards Complete Guide

In my opinion, transferable points programs are the most valuable points to accumulate.  These points can often be used at better than 1 cent per point value to book travel.  Even better, points can be strategically transferred to airline and hotel programs when valuable awards are available.  If you’re at all interested in free travel or luxury travel with points & miles, then you need to understand the basics of each of these programs. This…

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Best options for buying Gift of College gift cards (now at Cumberland Farms!)

Gift of College gift cards are now available at Cumberland Farms. This is great news for those in the northeast or Florida, especially if you have a credit card that earns bonus rewards at gas stations. Gift of College gift cards are available in-store and online. These gift cards can be a great way to earn credit card rewards while saving for college or when paying student loans. To learn about how this works, please…

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