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Greg is the owner, founder, and primary author of the Frequent Miler. He earns millions of points and miles each year, mostly without flying, and dedicates this blog to teaching others how to do the same.

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The amazing CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Card. A deep dive.

Would you pay $400 per year for $1,000 in airline gift cards, 48 Gogo wifi passes, 2 Priority Pass Select memberships that offer unlimited guests, and more?  Of course you would.  If you can get your hands on a CNB card, you can get all of that, but it is a big “if”.  More below. CNB Crystal Visa Infinite: How to Get the Card City National Bank charges $400 per year for the Crystal card,…

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Super credit card combos

A number of banks have their own points programs, and in some cases it’s possible maximize value by combining the benefits of multiple cards.  For example, you can use one card to earn more points and another card to get the most value from those points.  In this post I’ll take a look at card combos from Amex, Chase, Citi, and Wells Fargo. In each of the below cases, I believe that credit cards are…

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Maximizing value from Amex multi-referrals

Last week we reported that Amex is now allowing cardholders to earn points by referring friends from one card to multiple different Amex cards.  Previously, you could refer friends only to the same exact card that you have.  Now, however, with some cards you can refer friends to almost any Amex card, and with other cards you can refer friends to any card within the same brand. Why this is awesome: When a friend or…

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Did Amex’s new Gold card kill Chase’s Sapphire Reserve?

My wife and I each have Chase Sapphire Reserve cards, and our new annual fees just came due.  My previous plan was for my wife to downgrade her card to a no-fee Freedom card, and then I’d pay $75 to add her as an authorized user to my card.  Now, though, a new card has made me rethink my plans.  Now, I’m wondering: should I keep the Sapphire Reserve card at all? Last week Amex…

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Is 4X worth $250 per year? How much are those Amex Gold 4X categories (grocery & dining) worth?

The new American Express® Gold Card offers an eye-popping 4 Membership Rewards points per dollar for spend at restaurants and grocery stores in the United States (grocery store 4X is limited to $25K spend per year).  That’s great.  Unfortunately, the card also offers a great big annual fee: $250.  Is 4X worth that fee? First, consider that the card offers other valuable benefits: $120 dining credit: $10 per month credit for spend at GrubHub, Seamless,…

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Current Gold cardholders (prior to 10/4) keep 2X Gas and $195 into 2019

As we reported earlier, the card formerly known as Premier Rewards Gold now has a new name and new benefits: The card has been renamed to “American Express Gold Card“ New benefits: 4X at US Restaurants 4x at US Supermarkets on up to $25K per calendar year in purchases (then 1x) 3x flights booked directly with airlines or on Amextravel.com (unchanged benefit) No more 2X gas at US gas stations $120 dining credit: $10 per month credit…

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What are JetBlue TrueBlue points worth?

JetBlue’s award pricing has long been a mystery to me.  I’ve heard of people getting good value (more than 1.5 cents per point, for example), but when I look to use my points I usually see something closer to 1 cent per point — not good at all.  What drives JetBlue’s point values, and how can you maximize your points? Over the years, Wandering Aramean has analyzed JetBlue’s award prices vs. paid prices several times. …

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International Roaming Next Steps (I’ll try Project Fi)

A couple of weeks ago I published a roundup of international roaming options that I was considering: International Roaming: AT&T / Verizon vs. Project Fi vs. T-Mobile vs. Sprint vs. SIMS vs. Hotspots.  In that post I said that I was going to try out Sprint’s solution since I could get it for a year, for free.  Readers piped in with advice which completely changed my mind.  I’m going to try Google’s Project Fi.  Here’s…

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How my travel wallet reduces travel stress

If you’re like me, you have lots of stuff that ought to be with you when you travel.  When preparing for a trip, it used to be a bit stressful trying to ensure that I had packed the right ID cards, credit cards, lounge passes, etc.  And, invariably I’d realize later that I got it wrong.  For example, I’ve previously forgotten to bring a hotel gift card that I had planned to use when checking…

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