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50% off Thai award tickets for select markets (all classes)

Thai Airways is offering 50% off on award tickets between Bangkok and select markets. While Thai Airways does not fly to the US, those looking to piece together their own round-the-world trip may be interested in some of these deals since Thai is a 1:1 Citi transfer partner. A round trip business class award from Copenhagen or Stockholm to Bangkok would cost just 65K with this sale. That’s about 21 hours in Thai business class for a…

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Booking Turkish online: my bumbling experiments

Over the weekend, Ian Snyder at Miles to Memories posted some great news about Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles: some domestic United Airlines flights can be booked online for just 7,500 miles each way (including to places like Hawaii and Alaska). While we broke the story on that sweet spot last month, we initially thought that booking had to be done via email. We later posted that bookings could be made via phone, which has been true…

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Around the world in business class for 115K [Sweet spot spotlight]

Flights crossing either the Atlantic or Pacific ocean usually cost in the neighborhood of 60K miles one-way in business class with most award programs. What if you could cross both oceans — and connect the dots to also fly around the rest of the world for 115K total miles? If that piques your interest, you need to check out the ANA around the world award chart. We had a reader who recently reached out in the midst…

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Wow: 31.5K business class Atlanta to Istanbul in Sept

If Istanbul is on your bucket list and you live in or can position to Atlanta, you can potentially fly there in business class this September for 31,500 miles one way. Turkish Miles & Smiles, a 1:1 Citi transfer partner, is offering 30% off award tickets between select markets and Istanbul as part of its 30th anniversary celebration. While we’ve recently written quite a bit about using Turkish Miles & Smiles to fly around the US…

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40K to Far Away: Launch announcement (#40Kfaraway)

The adventure begins Wednesday October 2nd.  Nick, Stephen, and I will meetup in Washington DC to kick off the 40K to Far Away challenge.  Our goal?  Go as far as possible.  Our budget?  40,000 points and $400.  Who will pick the winner?  You will. Each of us has been assigned a transferable points currency.  We are allowed to use up to 40,000 points, as follows: Greg the Frequent Miler (AKA me): 40,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points…

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Greg’s 40K to Far Away mistakes (yep, he’s already made a few) #40Kfaraway

I’m not excited about our 40K to Far Away Challenge.  “Excited” is too mild a word.  “Obsessed” is more accurate.  Nick, Stephen, and I each have 40,000 points and $400 and a goal: go as far as possible.  For this challenge, we didn’t define “far”.  Do we win by traversing the most miles?  Do we win by visiting the most places?  Do we win by doing the most activities?  We don’t know.  In the end,…

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Forget email, book Turkish awards over the phone (7.5K each way)

Yesterday, Greg posted about how you can buy enough Citi ThankYou points to fly from basically anywhere in the US to Hawaii for $386 round trip. The trick of course is using Turkish Miles & Smiles, a Citi ThankYou transfer partner that charges only 7,500 miles + $5.60 each way in economy class (to anywhere in the US — so you’re not actually limited to Hawaii). The problem has been email award bookings: ever since…

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On my mind (award anxiety edition)

Award anxiety

This week, Nick has been wringing his hands over a couple of recent award redemptions.  First, he questioned his own wisdom in trading in 64,250 Capital One “miles” for a $900 Marriott gift card because he could have redeemed for Avianca Lifemiles instead.  Next, he regretted transferring 36,000 Amex Membership Rewards to Choice in order to book an awesome looking suite at an Ascend Collection hotel.  In the latter case, he could have bought the…

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A sweet spot hotel…and a rookie mistake

Earlier this week, I stumbled on what I think is a pretty awesome sweet spot hotel redemption in the US and I got pretty excited…and then I proceeded to make an absolutely boneheaded mistake. Like, the type of dumb mistake that I’m still cringing about this morning. I’m writing this post in the hopes that it helps those looking to visit Napa Valley save a bunch of points/money while also more broadly helping even those…

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