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Nick/Greg, I was on my (wife’s AU) Amex account this evening looking for the Air New Zealand offer. On my no-annual-fee Hilton, I found: “NEW No Foreign Transaction Fees Use your Hilton Honors Card and don’t worry about Foreign Transaction Fees.” Did I miss this being reported somewhere, and as important, does it apply to any other no-/low-annual-fee Amex cards?


Nick/Greg, I recently got the USB Altitude, mostly for the mobile spend 3x. Got my first bill and saw that none of my mobile spend was credited for 3x, the travel I booked was though. Called up and was told Google Pay is not one of their excepted “mobile wallets”. Have you guys heard of anybody else having this issues? I see that their splash page at USB still says Android Pay, even though its now defunct.


Saw your aug 27,2017 article on changes by Chase re: double dipping Preferred and Reserve. Have there been any recent data points on whether someone who got Preferred bonus in 2014 (still have it) can get a Reserve card and the bonus. And are the steps still the same to preserve the existing points?Thanks for any help.

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Good day! I am wondering if I purchase visa gift cards with a Chase business card, and then buy money orders with the visa gift cards, if I should report the Visa GC amount as a business expense and the money order amount as business income on my tax return, resulting, for each transaction, unless it is an Office Max/Office Depot type of deal, in a slightly larger expense than income amount for each transaction. Credit card points acquired do not count as income according to the IRS, according to my understanding. Thanks in advance for the response.


Thanks for maintaining this page and answering people’s questions for all to see. On your best offers page, would it be possible to filter credit cards by card association networks (Visa, MC, etc.)? There are times when I am specifically looking for a big bonus on a Mastercard because I can hit min spend with Plastiq paying a mortgage with MC but not Visa or Amex. I imagine there are other instances where one would want to go after a bonus from a specific network, and this extra filter would make your great resource even better. Thanks for considering it!


The Costco Visa card, for which there is no annual fee beyond Costco membership, returns 3% on travel purchases, including airfare. Why bother calculating if Southwest points are worth 1.3 cents or 1.9, when paying with the Costco card yields 3 cents? We are talking about REAL MONEY here – Costco will redeem in cash – which, unlike Southwest points, cannot be devalued from one day to the next, at least not by Costco.

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