It’s not too late – Deals still alive as of 1/11/2015

Each week we publish a number of fantastic deals on the blog and in Quick Deals. Most deals don’t last long, but some hang around for awhile.

In an effort to keep you up to date, we have gone back through each of the deals posted over the last couple of months to let you know which ones are still active.

Here are the deals still alive as of January 11, 2015.

Through January 12

Through January 18

Through January 22

Through January 31

Through February 27

Through February 28

Through ?

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Got your “when to close a credit card” email today. Didn’t know where to respond so I am here. You forgot another category for when to close a credits card: some companies require spend every few months, otherwise they will close your card for you with an ambiguous statement about not making payments- which goes on your credit report- so it would be good to let readers know if a credit card company requires regular spend to keep the card. Sometimes it’s not worth the hassle and a good idea to cancel those cards.


Which banks/cards do that?


Barclays will.