Who knew that a person could earn a living by writing a blog?  Since April of 2012, writing and maintaining the Frequent Miler website has been my full time job.  I get paid a percentage of revenue from ads displayed on the site.  I also get paid when people click through certain links on my site to sign up for credit cards or to purchase items.  And, some links give me referral credit in the form of cash, points, or services when people click through and sign up.

I always try to give good advice, but keep in mind that things I write reflect my own experience and opinions.  There is no guarantee that anything I write about will work for you, nor will it necessarily bring about the same results I report.  You should not interpret anything I write as financial advice.  Always use your own judgment before signing up for credit cards, buying items, redeeming points, etc.  You are responsible for knowing and abiding by the terms of any credit cards you have, promotions you enroll in, etc.

In rare circumstances, I may be offered products or services in exchange for publicizing a product, service, or promotion.  While I do not expect to accept such offers often, any time I do so I will let you know.  If I write anything in exchange for something of value, I will clearly list the details of the exchange within any relevant blog post (or other medium) I publish.

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