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Las Vegas easy wins

This past weekend, I was in Las Vegas. While Las Vegas is a love-it-or-leave-it destination for many, the undeniable fact is that it draws millions of visitors each year. When I took my first trip to Vegas almost 20 years ago, I had $258 to my name. I needed to find the various hacks to enjoy Vegas on a budget — and so I did the research to know where to get a 3/4lb hot…

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Chase Luxury Hotel & Resort Collection vs Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts

Delano Las Vegas Fine Hotels & Resorts

When a friend asked me for advice last month about which credit card to get, I explained that you get a premium card for the benefits and another card on which to spend (See: Super credit card duos. What’s in your wallet? for some great pairs). One of my favorite benefits of premium cards are hotel booking programs, where you can get a ton of valuable benefits without any status beyond “cardholder”.  Recently, a reader asked…

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