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(EXPIRED) Delta Dream It Live It Experiences (time travel not included)

Delta is out with their 5th (and apparently last?) promo this week for their “Dream It, Live It” week.  Today’s “deal” is that you can bid on unique experiences.  I can’t figure out how this is different from the usual ability to bid on experiences.  At first, I was excited that they offered limited “time travel” (see image, below), but then I realized that I should read it as “limited time” travel.  Oh well.  As…

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Redeem Points for Experiences. A complete Roundup.

I’ve long argued that the best use for points & miles is for travel.  It’s often possible to get outsized value from your points with just the right flight or hotel awards.  That said, there is another way to get outsized value: use points to book experiences.  These include things like backstage concert tickets, impossible to get sports event tickets, dining with famous chefs, etc.  Some experiences have fixed award prices, but most are setup…

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