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HP Extreme Stacking

HP Extreme Stacking laptops, tablets, printers, Ink, and more

Whether you want to buy a computer, tablet, printer, or ink, there are many ways to stack rewards and savings when buying from HP: ...
eBates Birthday Week

Stacking Amex Offers + eBates Birthday Week 15%

This morning I detailed how to maximize savings and rewards with eBates’ Birthday Week 15% cash back.  See: eBates 15% Cash Back Extreme Stacking...
eBates Birthday Week

eBates 15% Cash Back Extreme Stacking game plan

As we reported last week, the cash back portal eBates is celebrating their birthday week by offering 15% cash back at over 250 stores. ...
1800Flowers 2 gift cards per order

1800Flowers: How to apply 2 gift cards per order, and a big bug to...

I had long been under the impression that 1800Flowers.com did not allow more than one gift card to be used per order.  Why?  Because...
Airfare Extreme Stacking

Buying flights: Extreme Stacking savings and rewards

When you decide to pay for a fight rather than redeeming miles, it’s possible to increase rewards by stacking deals: Discount gift cards (sometimes) Credit card...
eBay extreme stacking

eBay extreme stacking

Last Updated: 5/18/2016 Extreme Stacking is the art of combining discounts, credit card rewards, store rewards, and portal double-dips in order to save money and...

[EXPIRED] $15 off $75+ at eBay. Stack with gift card deals!

Valid through 5pm ET today, eBay is offering $15 off any purchase of $75 or more. Important Notes You must checkout with PayPal (empty your PayPal...
Extreme Stacking

Extreme Stacking progress

This will be a short post.  I spent most of yesterday working on a post that I ended up losing interest in (it happens...
Sears Quintuple Dip

Sears Quintuple Dip Results, and why I should have bet more on Discover

In December, I published “A fantabulous but risky quintuple dip.”  Those with Discover It cards that were enrolled in the Double Cashback promotion, had...
Extreme Stacking

Introducing Extreme Stacking (and our new Lab Manager)

The other day I wanted to use one of my 1800Flowers gift cards to send flowers to a friend.  And, believe it or not,...
Sears Quintuple Dip

A fantabulous but risky quintuple dip

This week, the stars have aligned to potentially make your holiday shopping much cheaper.  Let’s look at a bunch of deals that stack together. Through...
Sears double dip roller coaster

The Sears double dip roller coaster

Background: Sears used to be one of the most reliable online merchants for portal “double dips”.  A Sears double dip goes as follows: Click through...
Sears double dip

Is the Sears double dip dead for real this time?

Sears used to be one of the most reliable online merchants for portal “double dips”.  A Sears portal double dip goes as follows: Click through...
Sears quadruple dips

The promo of the year lives on

UPDATE 9/14/2015: Updated experiment results listed below This year’s best promotion has little to do with airline miles or hotel points.  Instead, it comes from...

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