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Double Dip Discover

Double dipping Discover’s 3rd quarter categories

Thanks to Discover’s offer to double all cash back for a year, their quarterly 5% categories are more interesting than ever.  Now, instead of...

Maximizing the Discover Double Cash promo: Huge rewards via online shopping!

This is the third of a series of posts describing how to make the most of Discover’s Double Cash Back promotion.  Discover is offering...

Lowering the bar and raising returns

Shopping through online portals is often a great way to increase points earned (or to get cash back) for things you would have bought...

Practice makes points

This past weekend, Sears ran a promotion in which they offered 9 points per dollar through the Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal.  9X is...

Doubling portal promos, and more. A 50X example

While researching a post from a couple of days ago ("Sears 25X via an interesting confluence of events") I realized something that probably should...

Sears 25X via an interesting confluence of events

A confluence of events and offers has made it possible to earn up to 25 miles per dollar when buying merchandise at Sears.com via...

Plinking Sears

Last week, in the post "Plinking gift cards" I described the rewards program called Plink, and I showed that it should be possible to...

Bloomingdale’s Only 10X

For the month of September, Chase Sapphire cardholders can get 10 points per dollar for shopping at Bloomingdale’s as long as they start in...

Buy.com 20X!

Sweet!  One of my September lab experiments has paid off handsomely.  I now have evidence that its possible to double dip at Buy.com...

Sears 10X final days?

This deal expires August 31st.  Or does it?…  This month, Chase is offering 10 bonus points per dollar at Sears.com for Sapphire and...

Ultimate Rewards Mall July Edition

Lowes, Office Depot and more move to 10X! Every month, the Ultimate Rewards Mall has new month-long specials. Last month, I wrote about...

Sears 15X: Frequent Miler’s almost final results

Last month, for two days only, the Southwest Airlines shopping portal (Rapid Rewards Shopping) offered 15 points per dollar when shopping at Sears.com.  In...

Sony 30X success

Three weeks ago I wrote about my Sony gift card experiment in which I bought a Sony gift card through the Ultimate Rewards Mall...

Time is ticking on awesome Ultimate Rewards Mall deals

On May 1st, I published “Ultimate Rewards Mall Awesomeness!” where I showed a number of great deals in the Ultimate Rewards Mall.  This post...

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