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Gift of College now available at regional gas station Cumberland Farms

Update: Confirming that Cumberland Farms did indeed code as a gas station with Visa. GIft of College gift cards are now available for sale at a regional gas station chain that is mostly in the Northeast and also in Florida called Cumberland Farms (locations are in Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont). Gift cards are variable-load from $25-$500 (except in Vermont, where they are only available in $50 denominations). I successfully…

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Best options for buying Gift of College gift cards (now at Cumberland Farms!)

Gift of College gift cards are now available at Cumberland Farms. This is great news for those in the northeast or Florida, especially if you have a credit card that earns bonus rewards at gas stations. Gift of College gift cards are available in-store and online. These gift cards can be a great way to earn credit card rewards while saving for college or when paying student loans. To learn about how this works, please…

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(EXPIRED) Staples: 10-15% Off Some Happy Gift Cards, Possibly Profitable Gift of College Deal

Staples Happy Gift Cards

Staples is currently selling three of the Happy gift card brands at a 10-15% discount on their website. That’s an OK deal, but the fact that Happy Teen gift cards are included could be of interest if you’re in the market for Gift of College gift cards. That’s because the Happy Teen gift cards could parlay into buying Gift of College cards at a small profit. The Deal Buy $50 Happy Teen gift card for…

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Toys R Us might be reborn…will they carry Gift of College?

Earlier, we reported about how Gift of College cards are available in some Barnes & Noble stores, but lamented the fact that they are only be available in $200 denominations. Toys R Us used to be the popular outlet to buy these cards as they carried the $500 increments and didn’t appear to have any cap as to how many you could buy. It was reported in the news today that Toys R Us might…

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Gift of College cards at Barnes & Noble, but not a deal

It has been reported in other places today that Gift of College gift cards are currently available in some Barnes & Noble stores. While that might sound like exciting news on the surface, Barnes & Noble only intends to carry the $200 denominations, which are not a good deal in most scenarios. A reader made us aware of this update on the Gift of College site early last month (H/T: Reader Seth). We then reached out to…

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Toys R Us no longer selling gift cards

If you haven’t yet heard, in light of the coming closure of all Toys R Us / Babies R Us stores, you can no longer buy gift cards at Toys R Us. As we reported yesterday, you can still redeem Toys R Us gift cards through April 13th (See: 30 days to use Toys R Us Gift Cards), but you can no longer buy new cards of any type. Unfortunately, this includes Gift of College gift cards.…

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Baby Rey has arrived, but is preparing for departure

A few months back, I mentioned that there was a big coming change in my life (See: Baby Reyes is on board and scheduled for arrival). Regular readers might have noted my absence from the blog for a few weeks recently — and I’m excited to announce that the much-anticipated arrival of Baby Rey came with only a minor delay (and it was a welcome one since I fell down a set of slushy stairs…

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Double-dipping college rewards

Double Dip

My son will be starting college in a few weeks, and I’ve been busy thinking about how to turn this event into more opportunities to earn points & miles.  We’ve already been earning miles while saving for college.  Can we earn while paying for college too?  I think we can.  Here’s the plan… Step 1: Earn rewards while saving for college Ever since Gift of College gift cards became available at Toys R Us stores,…

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Gift of College gift cards appearing in more stores

For those saving for college, helping others save for college, or paying off student loans, Gift of College gift cards are a way to do so with a rewards earning credit card.  If you load the card with the maximum $500, the $5.95 purchase fee amounts to 1.19%.  Since many credit cards offer substantially larger rewards, this can be a great way to earn points, miles, or cash back.  Full details can be found here:…

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