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(EXPIRED) Cash back ending for Giftcards.com VGCs

Two popular shopping portals have announced that they will no longer pay out cash back on Visa Gift Cards as of the end of this month. If you intend to place any orders that qualify...

Alliant paying 0% cash back at Giftcards.com

Miles Per Day reports that the Alliant Cashback Visa card is no longer paying 3% cash back for purchases from Giftcards.com -- instead paying 0% on Giftcards.com purchases. Reports from Flyertalk indicate that a letter was sent out...
buying Visa gift cards

My current go-to options for buying Visa gift cards

Following Amex’s second wave attack on Bluebird and Serve cardholders, it may seem strange for me to write about options for buying Visa gift cards.  After all, Bluebird and Serve are/were among the best...

GiftCards.com returns to portals (updated w/ iConsumer)

A few weeks ago I reported that GiftCards.com had disappeared from portals (see: “What happened to GiftCards.com?”).  Now, they’re back. iConsumer is again offering 1.6% cash back (+ stock shares) : This link will take you...
GiftCards.com Missing from Portals

What happened to GiftCards.com?

UPDATE 2/21/2016: Portal Rewards are Back Recently, GiftCards.com became the place to buy Visa gift cards.  With Simply Best Coupons offering 1.5% cash back and iCoupons offering 1.6% cash back, one could get back all...
$500 Visa gift cards online

Low fee $500 Visa gift cards online after rebate (now 1.6% back)

UPDATE 2: A new portal named iConsumer is currently offering 1.6% cash back at GiftCards.com. I tested and received email confirmation the next day. UPDATE: The cash back rate for GiftCards.com at Simply Best Coupons...

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