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Ultimate Rewards Mall September Edition

Sears brings 10X to Freedom holders, but drops Ink and Sapphire to 4X.    Every month, the Ultimate Rewards Mall has new month-long specials. Last month, I wrote about the August specials in the post ““Ultimate Rewards Mall August Edition.” Today, I’ll show you how things look for September. As always, thanks goes to HikerT for updating his website that shows the Ultimate Rewards Mall payouts for different Chase cards. You can find his website…

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Big (and mostly bad) changes to the Ultimate Rewards Mall

April 1st kicks off with a cruel joke from Chase.  Many of the big bonus point offers in the Ultimate Rewards Mall have dropped precipitously.  Below are some of my findings this morning when logged in with my old Ink Bold and my Sapphire Preferred (note that you may see different results with a Chase Freedom). First, the good news: Office Depot: 10X Ink Bold; only 4X Sapphire Preferred Kohl’s: Still at 10X for both…

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Is the Home Depot double dip alive?

Yesterday I declared that I was pulling the plug on the Home Depot double dip experiment.  In that post I wrote that a few people who tried buying Home Depot gift cards through the Ultimate Rewards Mall failed to get any points.  Worse, when they used the gift cards through the Ultimate Rewards Mall they didn’t get any points that way either. Interestingly, several people wrote in the comments that they did get points for…

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Pulling the plug on Home Depot

When Home Depot first began offering 10X through the Ultimate Rewards Mall, the question on everyone’s mind was how best to double dip?  Could we go through the mall to buy gift cards and then go through again to use them for a total of 20X?  Or, what if we search GiftCardGranny.com for discounted gift cards and then go through the UR mall to use them… Would that work? Home Depot’s Terms & Conditions within…

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Home Depot 10X Ultimate Rewards Mall

I’ve been waiting and watching for changes to the Ultimate Rewards Mall, but somehow missed this.  Thanks to reader Randy for pointing this out!  Home Depot purchases made through the Ultimate Rewards Mall now give 10 points per dollar (up from 5)!  If you have any big home projects or tools or appliances to buy, this could be a great way to earn tons of points. Double Dip? If you’re a frequent reader of mine,…

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Evening News

Buy.Com Gift Cards A reader has reported success in getting 5 points per dollar by going through the Ultimate Rewards Mall to Buy.com to purchase merchant gift cards (Home Depot was his example).  They do charge a small shipping fee ($2.99 for the first card, $.99 for each subsequent card), but they also give you 1% back in the form of “Super Points” which can be used for future purchases.  Thanks for the tip Pete!…

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