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My current go-to options for buying Visa gift cards

buying Visa gift cards

Following Amex’s second wave attack on Bluebird and Serve cardholders, it may seem strange for me to write about options for buying Visa gift cards.  After all, Bluebird and Serve are/were among the best vehicles for liquidating Visa and MasterCard gift cards.  Shouldn’t I be writing more about options for liquidating gift cards rather than options for buying them? Well, yes and no.  I’ve recently covered options for unloading gift cards in a couple of…

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Limited time: 1.5% credit card bill payment fee (MasterCard only)

Through September 30th 2015, the Plastiq bill payment service is offering a discounted rate for paying new bills with your MasterCard credit card or gift card.  Plastiq’s usual fee is 2.5%, but during this promotional period you will be charged only 1.5%. Key info This promo is available to everyone. No special signup link is required. The 1.5% rate is only for new payees added to your account.  If you’ve paid a particular payee before,…

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Earn Points Everywhere with Visa/Mastercard Gift Cards

Everyone interested in earning credit card rewards has run into this problem: they have large bills (rent, mortgage, daycare, etc.) that can’t be paid by credit card.  This can be frustrating since it would be great to use these bills to help meet minimum spend requirements and earn rewards. Luckily, there are solutions. In this post, I’ll show you step by step how to buy and use Visa/MasterCard gift cards.  Most drugstores and many grocery…

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Buy MasterCard gift cards and Stand Up To Cancer

MasterCard gift card

A new Vanilla branded MasterCard gift card has appeared: I found the above card at my local CVS store.  I find it noteworthy because of the promise to donate $1 to Stand Up To Cancer for every card sold.  I tend to buy a lot of gift cards like these anyway, so I’m thrilled to be able to support a good cause at the same time. This is a Vanilla branded gift card, so it…

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Increase rewards, liquidate gift cards: New resource pages

A couple of weeks ago I announced a new resource page: How to increase credit card spend.  One of the many techniques listed there is to use prepaid cards.  Specifically, the idea is to buy Visa or MasterCard gift cards and use them, as debit cards, to reload prepaid cards in-store.  This is a process that we receive many questions about, so we (by “we”, I mean Shawn) created a page that should help to…

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Ink metamorphosizes from MasterCard to Visa. Why I care.

According to several blogs (here, here, and here), in late June Chase quietly began shipping out Chase Ink cards as Visa cards rather than MasterCard cards.  Most will regard this as a ho hum event.  After all, almost all merchants that accept MasterCards accept Visa cards as well.  It occurs to me, though, that there are some potential benefits… MasterCard small business cards qualify for the MasterCard Easy Savings program.  Simply register each business MasterCard…

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