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A motion sickness cure that actually works

motion sickness cure

A couple of days ago I told the horrific story of my latest boating adventure (please see: Learning Scuba and feeding fish).  I had spent the better part of a day puking off the side of a boat.  I was miserable. I could have prevented it easily.  I knew how. I’ve always been prone to motion sickness.  I used to hate flying because of it.  The smallest turbulence would make me queasy.  I rarely threw…

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Learning Scuba and feeding fish

Scuba Spotted Eagle Ray

While I puked off the side of the boat, someone was kind enough to hold onto the air tank strapped to my back.  Air tanks are heavy.  The guardian angel at my back lifted the tank enough to relieve some of the weight and to keep me from dropping right into the water as the boat lurched in every direction. “Greg.  It’s time to dive… Greg…  Greg…” I puked again.  And again. My Scuba instructor…

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