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(EXPIRED) Relocate Silvercar Audi A4’s for $1 per day [Limited dates / cities]

Let me lead with the fact that I don't have direct experience with the site offering this one, but I've subscribed to their email alerts for a couple of years and think they are...

Silvercar Promo Extended: Get Your First Rental for $39 Per Day

Silvercar has extended their $39 new customer rental promotion through November.

New Silvercar Promo: Get Your First Rental for $39 Per Day

Get $25 plus a $39 per day rate on your first car rental from Silvercar.

40% Off + $25 for New Silvercar Customers in June

Silvercar is offering new customers 40% off rentals in June plus new customers also get $25 when signing up through someone's referral link.

30% Off Silvercar for Filling Out a Survey: Only 1,000 Codes Available

Silvercar is offering 30% off your next rental for completing a survey. Codes are limited.
Fort Lauderdale Rental Car Sivercar

Fort Lauderdale Rental Cars (and a Silvercar review)

Intro: Over the Christmas holidays I had my first opportunity to try out Silvercar – a high end rental car company – at the Fort Lauderdale airport. My intention was to write a simple...

New Silvercar Promotions: Up to $100 Off

Silvercar has released new promotions offering $75 off for new customers or 15% off for existing customers.

Silvercar: 1 Free Day on Rentals of 3+ Nights for All Customers

Silvercar is offering a free day on rentals of 3 days or more for both new and existing customers.
Fort Lauderdale Rental Car Sivercar

Up to $100 Off Your First Rental with Silvercar

Silvercar has released a couple of new promotions offering discounts on rentals of their Audi A4 fleet of vehicles through 12/31/15. Offer 1: Save $75 off of your first rental of 2+ days for new...

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