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Easy debit card rewards, from home

Debit cards are increasingly becoming the easiest way to earn rewards.  The hard part is obtaining a debit card that offers miles or cash back.  The easy part, then, is earning rewards.  Here are a few options for earning debit card rewards without stepping out of your house… Square Cash Square Cash is a new service that lets you quickly and easily pay anyone over email.  To send money to a friend, simply send them…

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Buying miles and points from the IRS: debit cards

UPDATE: This post is out of date. . If you have large estimated or year-end tax payments you’ve probably wondered if you could profit by paying your taxes with a rewards-earning credit or debit card.  The answer is unequivocally “yes”.  The trick is to make sure that the benefits you get from your card outweigh the tax payment fees.  Here is a chart (provided by the IRS) that shows the fees associated with paying taxes…

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Million Mile Headaches: SunTrust

Background: Million Mile Madness was the mad quest to earn a million points in one month. Throughout March, I did everything I could to earn as many points as possible while keeping within my ethical boundaries. During the month, I tracked all of the points that I expected, and I declared victory when the expected total topped one million. Final tally… not yet Yes, I succeeded in earning a million points in one month, but…

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