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Safeway gift card hacking, unwritten policy for Marriott elites, and is hotel loyalty illogical?

Hyatt gift card hacked

This week around the web, we’ve got a warning for Safeway gift card shoppers, the case against chasing hotel status, United’s empty threat to dump Expedia, and more. Read on for the weekly FM week in review around the web. Even variable Visa gift cards at Safeway are now being tampered with Gift card fraud should be a real concern if you’re MSing. Vinh at Miles Per Day highlights an issue being seen at Safeway…

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Almost scammed, about to be Bonvoyed, eat free in NYC and more

In this Frequent Miler week in review around the web, read about how you could leverage technology to eat (or do lots of other things) for free, ways to be Bonvoyed beyond your control, how even the best of us can get scammed, and more. Read up in this week’s run down. How I Eat For Free in NYC Using Python, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Instagram The technical stuff here is way over my head,…

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Biking the East Coast, round-the-world gems, fee-free Prestige and more

Acorns Found Money Free Money

In this Frequent Miler week in review around the web, read about a couple of new things coming — from phone booths (ok…maybe not new, but new) to a 3,000-mile bicycle path. Pick up on the RTW gems from Travel is Free, find out how service members can get ultra-premium cards fee-free and more. T-Mobile Introduces Private Phone Booths for Making Calls, Surfing the Web, Taking Selfies They say that if you live long enough, everything comes…

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Raking in $ on AirBnB, dropping $16K on Necker, your money might be expired and more

In this Frequent Miler week in review around the web, read about how that foreign currency you’re hoarding might now be worthless, how you can stock your bank account with vacation rentals, the cost of a week at Necker Island, and more. Read on for the weekend recap. I Never Thought Money Expired. I Was Wrong Do you save foreign currency from your trips abroad? I always used to keep about five bucks in local currency…

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Lose $2800 on a delay, hidden Delta values, rental hacks and more

This week around the web, we have a good reminder to check those off-the-charts reservations lest you get nailed with a hefty fee for being arriving late, a nice little NYC ride share hack, a creative find from Travel is Free, trouble for some who took part in the Google Fi promo, and more. Read on for our weekend recap. You Could Be Charged $2,800+ Per Night If You Cancel A Points Stay While I…

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Tips for booking & searching smarter, a 3x rumor, and more

In this week’s Frequent Miler week in review around the web, we’ve got some tips on booking and searching smarter: whether one-way or how to find award space the booking tool wants you to think isn’t there. Trying not to be Bonvoyed is becoming a challenge, but persistance can pay off. There’s also a nice rumor that we can all hope to come true on the Freedom Unlimited. Those things and more — read on…

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A nifty deal alert hack, Kroger banning Visa, Chase 10x hotels alternatives, and more

This week brings a couple of slick tricks for getting deal alerts as fast as possible, the other side of that retire-to-hotels story, all the options to consider against the Chase 10x hotels offer, and more. Read on for our Frequent Miler week in review around the web. How to Save Big with Extreme Hotel Deals I suspect that many readers are familiar with Extreme Hotel Deals, and you may even have them set up…

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Marriott hold fees, blocked Star Alliance space, why you (probably) don’t want the Disney Visa, and more

This weekend around the web, we have a very unfortunately development in Marriott-land, a record-keeping tip for MSers, a guide to Singapore mileage upgrades, and more. Read on for the weekend recap around the ‘net. Marriott’s Sneaky Award Hold Fees Ugh — apparently, Marriott is now charging a deposit up front on some award redemptions — and it’s not small. In some cases, this could really be ugly if you reserve an expensive overseas property…

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Mapping Marriott changes, maximizing CNB, finding award availability, and more

In this weekend around the web, we have an easy-reference map for Marriott category changes, some changes to the MyTSA app that could make planning for the airport a bit easier, info on finding the ideal award availability and more. Read on for this weekend’s recap. Map of Marriott Category Changes Effective 3/5/2019 Greg wrote about the best places to use your free night certificates before and after the price increases on 3/5, but if…

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