New Savor card earns 3% back on dining

Capital One has released a brand new credit card called the Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Card. This new offering yields 3% back on dining and 2% back on groceries as well as $150 back after you spend $500 in the first 3 months, which might just whet your appetite. It’s also worth noting that this is a World Elite Mastercard, which is a nice benefit for a no-fee card.

Capital One Savor Card

The Offer

  • Get $150 cash back after you spend $500 on purchases in the first 3 months

Key Card Details

  • No annual fee
  • Earn 3% back on dining
  • Earn 2% back on groceries
  • Earn 1% back on everything else
  • No foreign transaction fees

Quick Thoughts

The Capital One Savor card is offering a decent signup bonus proportionally speaking ($150 back on $500 spend). While there are other cards that offer a more compelling return on dining and groceries in terms of rewards points, this card likely appeals to those who prefer cash and simplicity over transferable currencies and rotating categories. With holiday shopping coming up, it would be very easy for many people to reach the minimum spend over the next three months. Getting $150 back on some of that shopping has its appeal.

Furthermore, this one is a World Elite Mastercard, meaning that you get access to some nice benefits — including a year of National Executive Status, which is far and away my favorite car rental elite status. I’ve been enjoying that status for the past few years thanks to my Business Platinum card, but that card carries a hefty annual fee. Getting Executive Status with no annual fee is a great deal if you don’t otherwise have access to it. And that’s not all — World Elite Mastercards provide extended warranty coverage, concierge services, etc. Those benefits usually come at the cost of an annual fee, making the Savor card an interesting option for maintaining those benefits year after year without a fee. At the very least, the Savor card reduces the relative value of other World Elite Mastercards by providing an option to get similar benefits for free.

Keep in mind the fact that there are other options in the cash back space. For instance, you could earn an effective 2% back everywhere with no annual fee with the Citi Double Cash (1% on purchases + 1% on payment). You could earn 3% back everywhere for the first year (2.5% thereafter) with the Alliant Cashback Visa Signature card. However, the Double Cash has no signup bonus and the Alliant card has an annual fee. Life is full of trade-offs, and for some the Savor Card will make the right trades to be enticing.

We’ve added this card to our Best Offers page.

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Seems like a good opportunity to product change the capital one I’m still sitting on from the massive signup bonus approx 7 years ago. That said, Chase CSR 3x is at least equivalent to 3% and probably way better for anybody that holds it (even 2x is arguably better).


I read “Savior card” at a first glance. I guess I’m in too deep at the church of churning. LOL


What’s the minimum points required for redemption?


I’m looking at the rate and fee information, but can’t find anywhere that says “No foreign transaction fees”



All CaitalOne cards do not have Foreign Transaction Fee. It is a standard feature of their cards. CapOne also does not pass along the Visa 1% network fee, unlike Fidelity or Chase (built in the exchange rate)

Corbett Kroehler

I appreciate the heads-up about this product and am pleased to monetize my gratitude with an approval commission.

I hold the Chase Sapphire Reserve, which I love. However, I use it exclusively for business. My personal dining card had been the Wells Fargo cobranded Propel American Express card, which offers 2X rewards points. I like the Propel but lamented the inferior rewards as compared with the CSR.

Thanks to my subscription to your blog, I have solved that dilemma.


Just apped for the card thanks to this post! Only bummed I missed the news when it first became available. Excited about the WEMC benefits for no fee; will hopefully get to test out the business class upgrade option at some point.